Does Mission Repair take credit cards?

Hello all, I just took a phone call from a customer that asked “Do you take credit cards?” While this seemed to be a silly question with an obvious answer, maybe it just needs to be clarified.


Not only do we take credit cards at Mission Repair, we DON’T charge credit card fees or give “cash discounts”. We’ve been taking credit cards from the very first day we started our business and it’s the best way for our customers to stay protected when purchasing online.

In addition to taking credit cards for payment, we take PAYPAL payments, cashier checks, local personal checks and cash. We prefer to only take cash when you visit our store directly, it’s not safe to send cash in the mail!

For our larger customers we even offer Net 30 terms and we offer instant Net 30 terms to all Schools and Government agencies.

I hope this helps. We are a company that offers a myriad of different ways to conduct business and we’re happy to help. Just give us a call at 866-638-8402 if you have any questions!

Best, Ryan