Go Chiefs! Otterbox Defender Cases coming this week!

Hello everyone –

Your requests have been heard and your wish is granted! The full protection cases you desire are coming to Mission Repair this week! I’ve secured a U.S. vendor that has all the great accessories you prefer to protect your device and bling out your smartphone or tablet. The Chief’s fans will love the new iPhone 6 case from Otter with the official licensed Chief’s logo on the back. Now it’s easier than ever to show your team spirit for the upcoming 2016/17 season!



This is just one of many colors and style choices arriving this week in our Lenexa showroom. We will be adding Spigen, Griffin, Speck, Belkin and many other name brands at competitive prices. Picking up your phone from a recent repair? Ask about our in-store specials and receive a discount on your accessory purchase. Cases, chargers and tempered glass all in store and ready to go!

Look forward to seeing you in our Lenexa store!


A little sightseeing doesn’t hurt.

Hello there friends,

I’m out here in Colorado this week working with my crew and making a changes and working with Chris our store manager. After my trip to the Otterbox headquarters last night, I decided to jump on my motorcycle – I brought it with me, I knew this might happen;-) I headed up into the mountains while there was still some daylight left.

I made it to Central City, and it was on May 6, 1859, John H. Gregory located, staked, and preempted the first mining claims in what was to become known as the “Richest Square Mile on Earth.”

This spot, marked by the Gregory Monument, is near the city limits of Central City and Black Hawk. The area was originally called Gregory’s Diggings, but very soon became known as Mountain City. Did you know Central City nearly became the Colorado state capital? It is also home to the Gilpin County Museum, Teller House and the world famous Central City Opera.

It’s also known for it’s “left-over” ruins from times past; I rode up onto some dirt roads and stopped to take a lot of pictures. I thought this one was particularly cool:


It’s an old mine ore car that’s been sitting for a hundred years or more. I don’t know why, but these types of things really appeal to me. It was so quiet it was kind of creepy…and I kept looking over my shoulder!

Once I got back to lay down for the night, I got 10 hours of solid sleep and feel like a million bucks this morning. Must be that mountain air, right?

Well, I’m back in the office here in Lakewood this morning, so if you stop by I’ll be sure to say hello. Thanks for reading!

Take care, Ryan

Which Case Will Protect My Smartphone The Best?

There have been a numerous amount of times where a customer has come to pick up their repaired device and asked ‘Which case do you recommend so my phone’s screen won’t break again?’. Often times that question is followed by talks about brands such as Otterbox and Lifeproof. These cases are very sturdy and will protect your device well but there is always the chance that your screen will still break inside one of these cases. Yes, that’s right. We always have customers walk in with a cracked screen and tell us that it broke even with a Defender Otterbox case on it.

UAG Cases

Unfortunately, even the toughest cases can’t protect your device from EVERY circumstance. So my answer to ‘Which case do you recommend?’ just depends on what case you like and which one works for you. If you feel the Otterbox will better protect your device then go for it. If you would rather have a snap on case with a cool design, that’s great too.

So because we know your device is fragile and that accidents can happen Mission Repair is here to help!

We are the #1 Rated Repair Site for 6 years running and our Got Repair Program gives our customers lifetime peace of mind on their device. So whether you have used our services once, twice or 6 times we are here to do our best to repair any issue you may have with your iPod, smartphone, tablet or laptop!

Click here to learn more about our Got Repair Lifetime Warranty!

Have a great Tuesday,

It’s a lovely morning for a SPECIAL DEAL from Mission Repair. Let’s take a walk together.

Hello everyone, we’re in the thick of it. We’re expanding. We’re launching new programs. We’re recovering from the long holiday weekend and walked into the biggest sales day of the company’s history on Tuesday, July 5th.

Why all the ruckus?

We’re starting to steamroll. We’ve generated value to our customers and we’re providing the repair services that are needed. Don’t get me wrong, we could be doing a lot more. . .we’re getting there. We’ve hired a few new exceptional employees and we are looking for several more. We’ve received over 400 resumes in the last month and we are making time to conduct clean and thorough interviews.

The reason that I’m telling you all of this is because I’m excited. I LOVE this business. I love coming in here and taking an idea from concept to reality and watching it work. It’s the inventor/artist/entrepreneur in me that likes to see progress. So with my excitement (that I can hardly contain) I like to keep pushing the envelope. So this brings me to:

Let’s run a special today. I’m going to give away (for free) an Otterbox Defender Case with each iPhone 4 or iPod Touch Gen 4 screen repair order that we receive now through Sunday 7/10/11. If you need your iPhone or iPod screen repaired – place your order now. We will GIVE YOU an Otterbox Defender Case for FREE. We sell these cases for $49 all day long on our site and to our walk-in customers. These cases aren’t the cheap junk that you can find all over the internet. These are the real deal, and if you’d like to learn more about them, click on this link to go to the Otterbox website!

HERE’S THE CATCH: You must use coupon code “EXPANSION” to get that FREE OTTERBOX DEFENDER CASE with your iPod Touch 4 Glass Repair or iPhone 4 Glass Repair now through 7/10/11! This is valid for new orders only now through July 10, 2011!

Please note that only ONE OtterBox Defender case will be given away per repair, it will be the BLACK version, and it carries $0 refund value and no other discounts can be applied with this promotion. It’s just yours to keep and help protect that new glass screen!

Have a great Friday and weekend folks, I’ll be back soon!