Mission Repair Olympics have begun!

Well this is just a short fun post that has to do with the culture around here at Mission Repair– during our last Christmas party, I announced the first ever “Mission Repair Olympics” and we’re going to have a different employee event each month. The winner over the year will be awarded the Grand Prize at our Christmas party at the end of the year. . .and let me tell you that the competition is getting pretty good!

Our January event was “Rock Wall Climbing”, and we had a great turnout of employees. The challenge was to see who could get to the top of the beginner wall the fastest, and I went first to set the bar:

But as it turned out, Nick burned all of us by shaving several seconds off of the best time to win the January event. Here’s Nick with yes, you guessed it, a SpiderMan tshirt on. I think that this was his advantage:

In the end we had a ton of fun and got to know the guys over at Emerald City Gym. Sean and I are buddies 😉 We got to reserve the entire gym our for a couple of hours and had a blast. Additionally, I want to say how proud I am of all the employees that showed up, everyone made it to the top (even Kim!) and we had a great workout.

Next week is our 2nd event, and we’re having a “Checkers Tournament”. We have 8 giant boards and we’re going to spend a few hours to see who reigns champion in February. Thanks for spending some time with us and reading the blog today, we’re trying to have a little fun here!

Best, Ryan