Deal Of The Week: 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass & LCD Repair (BLACK And WHITE)

Hey there M:R Nation –

If you read my last post, you can certainly see that Ryan will be bringing in his painting pants this Saturday! This poll is no contest. He is overwhelmingly in the lead with over 50 votes! Keep those votes coming and lets see if we can’t get Jenny involved 🙂

So what I’m actually here for is to tell you about our newest Deal Of The Week. It has been a few weeks since I have put one together and I wanted to apologize for my lack of attention on the matter.

Yeah, we can fix that!

We have chosen an “Oldie”  but indeed a goodie for this week. We are selling both Black and White 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass & LCD Repair at a discounted rate of just $69.00!

This is a full 22% off. Nowadays, I would enjoy 22% off of about anything! You can’t even buy a dang ninja turtle action figure for less than $15.00. Trust me, my 3 year old son just hit the ninja turtle phase and it is expensive! In any case, this deal is running from this very second until midnight on 10/10/12, so get those orders in!

I am off to do some masking, talk to ya tomorrow…

Cheers, Troy!