Nexus 7 Cracked Screen Repair + Mission:Repair = HUGE PRICE DROP!

Hello M:R Nation –

I am going to get straight to the point here. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is cool! You know that because you have one in your hand at this very moment, and If you are reading this blog post, you most likely have a broken Google Nexus 7 at that. Well, let me be the first one to welcome to the Mission:Repair blog! Beyond this page, right through this link: Google Nexus 7 Screen Repair, is the very thing you are searching for. An end to the madness that is your cracked glass. But before you click that link, let me explain the history of Google Nexus 7 Cracked Screen Repair service.

Cracked Google Nexus 7, Broken Asus Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 with a Cracked Screen

We have offered this service for a great while now and we have had some mild success at helping folks with their broken screen issue. When I say mild, I mean the price was very scary and many folks just didn’t want to shell out that kind of cash. That is a very understandable notion. Why pay almost the same amount for a repair, when I could just replace it? We couldn’t argue with that. While we wanted to meet our customers price point, the cost of the part just wouldn’t let us do that… Until now!

What started at the extreme price of $209, which has now tumbled down to a lowly $129!!! Yes that is 3 exclamation points that you see there. We are so excited to finally offer this repair service at a price that will suit everyone and not just the folks with the larger capacity Nexus 7’s (Which usually made it a reasonable repair)! This is one of our largest price drops in recent memory and we hope you Nexus 7 tablet owners enjoy it! So if you don’t happen to have a cracked Nexus 7 screen just yet, just make sure to bookmark this page, you never know what can happen(knock on wood).

Now, you have my blessing to visit the top of the page and click that link! We have plenty of screens in stock and we are ready for you!

Cheers, Troy

New Service: Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service!

Hello Again M:R Nation –

We have been patiently awaiting the parts for the Goolge Nexus 7 like a child waiting for Christmas morning and guess what…The Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service has finally arrived!

We have endured a large amount of requests for this service and we can now finally offer it to all of you that have been knocking our doors down 🙂

The starting price for this service is $189 and it will cover you if you have a broken glass, LCD screen or both all in one price. This price, coupled with our industry leading shipping rates are sure to please. So get that broken Google Nexus 7 repaired already!

Cheers, Troy