New Employees = Better Service!

Well, how can we improve on our service? 😉

We have been in need of adding a few new good people. I’m happy to announce the addition of 3 new employees that have started on the Mission Repair team to help keep the level of service where it needs to be. . .at the top. I’m pleased to announce the employment of Sam Sartorius (email Sam here), Albert Flores (email Albert here), and Kim Denning (email Kim here) at the Mission Repair base.

These new amazing people are here to make your repair experience unbelievable and astounding. We are thickening our staff, expanding our services, and performing better than ever before.

Thanks for staying in touch, I’ll be back soon!


2 new employees at Mission Repair!

Well hello there everyone and I hope you’re having a great start to your Monday! I know that we are having a good day already- we’re really rockin over here at Mission Repair. We just hired 2 new employees… Jacob (email him here) and Darren (email him here), to help out in our tech department. Business has really exploded and we just need the help to keep our customer satisfaction up – it’s plain and simple. We are still on the lookout for several new technicians and we’d love to interview anyone interested in a technical position. Just send your resume to “” for more information!

OK, I’m back into the groove after my weekend off – however now it’s going to snow here in Kansas City tomorrow night. It certainly feels like it’s gonna be a snow day for my kids, but rest assured that we’ll be right here trucking along at good old Mission Repair. Thanks for all of your support!!

Best, Ryan

We’re hiring at Mission Repair!

Ok, Just a quick blog- we need some good people. Actually, we need some GREAT people. We are currently looking to immediately fill some positions to help assist our rapid growth. If you want a challenging yet rewarding career (including great benefits, paid time off, company matching retirement plan, etc.) then you should apply with us.

We are looking for motivated individuals that can carry the Mission Repair customer service mentality to the next level. We want iPod/iPhone/Mac enthusiasts to join our team, check out our list of available positions.

Mission Repair now hiring!

Thanks, if you’re local to Kansas City, send us your resume.

Best, Ryan

New Year. . .New Hire!

Hello everyone. I made it. It’s 2009. Whew, what an unbelievable ride this last couple weeks! I actually got to sit on my couch yesterday for a few hours, it was great!

We’re just finishing up our day here at Mission Repair, and we’re back to our normal schedule this week. The holidays really made a mess of our schedule but at least we were able to allow our employees to take several days off to be with their families. This is very important to me.

We did have a new employee start today. Zach Smith- an Apple guru that has a ton of practical experience to offer. Zach is finishing his first day and is our newbie. (Charley, you’re no longer the “new guy”!)

Send Zach an email and wish him the best of luck. So far so good and he’s going to be an awesome fit to our crew moving forward in 2009- we’re going to get him immediately working on some 13″ MacBook LCD Screen Repairs tomorrow. You know, throw him in the frying pan and see how he handles it 😉

OK, talk to you soon with more great deals and specials from Mission Repair in Kansas City!

Best, Ryan

Another new hire at Mission Repair!

Hello there, what a crazy Monday yesterday. I need to thank all of our customers for the orders yesterday, I’m shocked. All of this growth at Mission Repair has necessitated another new hire, and we landed a great guy, Charley Viehland. Shoot him an email and say hi!

He’s been busy working with Ian, Marc and Dave training on our database and overseeing our processes. It takes a little time to get it down, that’s for sure. He’ll be starting with some MacBook LCD Screen Repairs, then moving into our iPhone Repair program. We’re excited here at Mission Repair to have landed another quality person and stay tuned for Charley updates!

I’ll be back soon with a couple of new programs that we’re excited to launch! Ryan