The Tradition Continues!

Hello M:R Nation-

A few years back, I made it a goal to attend the “Spring Game” of my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers every year until my son is old enough to tell me that he no longer wants to go. I think I have a few more years before he becomes too cool for his old man, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. This last weekend, I was able to attend this game and had a great time!


Nebraska Stadium


What is a “Spring Game” you ask? It is a scrimmage that most college programs put on for their fans so we can get a little taste of football before the start of a long summer. While many programs do this, only Nebraska has found a way to make it viral experience on a yearly basis. Last year, it produced this moment: Jack Hoffman TD Run and this year, produced this little gem: Bo Pelini and his cat. This has truly become a tradition at the Harris household and I hope to keep it going for many years to come!

What are some of your traditions M:R Nation? If you care to share, send me your responses to and enjoy 15% off of your next repair order on me!


Turn In Your Brackets!

Hello M:R Nation –

The NCAA Tournament starts today and there is no better way to kick off spring time! Even if you are not a basketball fan, you have to admit, it’s fun to fill out a bracket and try to win a few bucks. This year, even Warren Buffet has gotten in on the fun and has decided to put up $1,000,000,000. Yes, that is 9 zeros! I wonder what his bracket looks like? Do you think he has Nebraska or Creighton going farther?


Derrick and Lennie with a last second bracket

Given that we reside in a state where the creator of basketball is buried, you can say that we are naturally a little basketball crazy. You should see it, the Mission Repair staff goes hog wild this time of the year. We have a mixture of Kansas, Wichita State and Kansas State fans among us and they are not afraid to throw their team under the bus when it comes to their brackets!

You see, we don’t constantly obsess over Tablet and Smartphone repairs around here. This is proof that we are somewhat human and like to have fun just as much as you! Speaking of you? What do you do for March Madness? Have any crazy superstitions to help your team win? Does your office have a bracket challenge like ours? If you care to share, email me at, I just might have some surprise savings for your next repair!

Cheers, Troy