NASCAR Sprint Cup – Kansas City Inside Pics!

Hello and good “Monday” morning!

As promised per my Twitter Account yesterday, here are a couple of pics from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series yesterday here in Kansas City. I was able to get into the pit area and take a “fan walk” around the inside of the track. There is a tunnel under the track that links the grandstand and the infield:


We opted to lean against the fence for the start of the race to see them from a different angle. . .we got some great pictures and it was a whole new experience to see the race from here:



Yeah, well weather was perfect, we got a huge buffet of food served to us and a couple of cold drinks. All in all it was a great day. . .I was rooting for Denny Hamlin to win – but he couldn’t pull it out. Not a problem, was worth the crowds and parking fiasco. . .you know what I mean if you’ve been to one of these races here in KC. Thanks and we’ll talk to you again very soon!