Ditch that SuperDrive – add a Hard Drive!

Hello friends,

We’re adding a new service for iMacs and MacBook Pro Computers today that just might interest you.

We can take the SuperDrive out of your computer; think about it, when’s the last time you used it anyway? All of the MacBook Air laptops had the SuperDrive deleted many years ago (I use one on a daily basis) because as the world moves away from CD’s, DVD’s and “burning” disks, the need for the drive is no longer there.

We can take advantage of that “obsolete” drive and add in a caddy that will also house a brand new Hard Drive. This would give your 2 mass storage devices in one computer!





Looking to add more storage space to your system? Mission Repair’s “Drive Doubler” service will do just that! We can add a second hard drive to just about any Mac Laptop or iMac. Here’s how it works:

1. We will receive your laptop at our repair center, and remove the factory installed SuperDrive.
2. We will install a Hard Drive Caddy Adapter in it’s place. This is the same factory form and will fit precisely into your laptop.
3. We will install a Hard Drive of your choice.
4. We will format the new drive, and it will show up on the desktop of your system upon boot up. It will be clean and ready for use!

Q: Will it work in my Mac Laptop?

A: There are a few limitations. Basically, we can upgrade any 13″ MacBook Unibody or 13″, 15″, 17″ MacBook Pro (not with Retina display). We will remove your optical drive to make room for the new solid state drive but if you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-638-8402 before ordering!

Q: What will happen to my data?

A: Nothing! We will not touch your boot up drive at all. You’ll simply receive your computer back, booting exactly as you sent it in, except there will be an additional drive on your desktop to use!

This upgrade is ideal for anyone that needs more storage space in their unit, and with our custom installation, it’s done with a factory look. The only difference is that when you turn your computer on, it will have a completely separate hard drive that is useful for time machine backups, storage of large or excess files, of as a second boot up drive. It’s yours to explore!

We will even send your original SuperDrive back to you to use in the future, or you can opt to trade it in.

Thanks for reading, Ryan