Wowsers- thanks for stopping by Mission Repair this weekend!

Hello friends-

My General Manager, Troy, sent out a newsletter blast to all of our subscribers and wham…we had a record-breaking weekend.

During our staff meeting this morning, I called out the employees that worked over the weekend to stand up and take a bow. A few of them looked exhausted 😉


We had a huge number of walk in customers that came by and waited for repairs with a surprising number of new mail-in orders as well. The simple fact is that if you visited our store this weekend, you might have had to wait for a bit. I appreciate your patience, and extend my gratitude. We’re back on track today, and we’ve staffed up at our Mission Repair Express location this week to make sure that we can handle the flow!

At times, running one of these repair businesses can really mount up the stress, but thankfully I’ve got an excellent staff helping me take can of each of our customers.

Have an issue with your experience at Mission Repair or want to give someone you’ve interacted with a glowing review? Send us an email to and we’ll be happy to chat.

Thanks again, I’m headed for home to make dinner soon, have a great night!


We’re breaking records this month!

Hello friends-

We’re really spooling up at the office and ramping our staff and operations department for the busy holiday season. In fact, we’ve already smashed November 2012’s records with astounding orders the first week of November 2013!


Why is this important you you? While it sounds like a fantastic thing for any business owner it’s really a win-win for all of our customers as well. When a business is healthy it can offer better pricing, specials, discounts and deals. It’s a matter of efficiency, commitment and confidence.

Last month, we offered an entire line of specials and giveaways for the Halloween week. I did a video blog each day with new news – and thousands of customers participated in the week-long event. It was to launch the 2013 Holiday season off on the right foot and it has worked!

So what now? Well you can expect several new changes on the Mission Repair website (if you’ve seen it lately, we’ve upgraded some of the look and technology) and are offering more services and repairs than ever before. As we continue to expand, Mission Repair will continue to grow and add value to you!

It’s amazing to me that we are already past the first week of November with the holiday season already surrounding us. I hope you have a good one.

Remember Mission Repair can fix that broken iPhone, iPad or Computer which makes a great holiday gift. We’ve had plenty of requests for gift cards – so we should have those in place and available for purchase by Black Friday. Heck, if you know me at all – I’ll be giving away a few of those too!

Until then, keep you eye on this blog for some spectacular news that can only be heard here. Take care.


Rain, Rain Go Away. Well, at least the grass is greening up!

Hello everyone, we’re in the middle of a Spring rain here at Mission Repair – it’s really very grey and dreary out…the kind of day that you might want to curl up with a good book next to the fireplace and hunker down. While that sounds good, we don’t have the luxury here at Mission Repair to take the day off – we received a record number of orders in house yesterday and today, which means we are on full-alert-all-hands-on-deck mode!

Failure is not an option.


We’ve made it through our typically slow month of February, ramped up in March (yeah March Madness!) and the beginning of April certainly initiates the busy season here at Mission Repair. It’s that time of year again.

What’s sparked so many new customer orders besides the typical “busy season” launch? Our exclusive iPad Mini Glass Repair service has taken the market by storm. Our blog is getting more readers than ever and our social network sites are really blowing up too – we now have over 6,000 likes on Facebook, that’s exciting!

What can our customers expect from this news? Well firstly we are hiring immediately for new technician positions and customer service representatives, which brings our customers new levels of service and expectations. We are also launching a brand new Nationwide program that is being developed as we speak. While I can’t say much about it yet; it promises to be the first of it’s kind and will bring a new level of service to your doorstep that has never been attempted by any company in our industry before. I’ll be launching this new program within the next couple of months – I am so excited about it that I want to share the news now…but we’ll wait until it’s official launch.

Until then, stay indoors if you’re in this rain like we are and stay safe.

Best, Ryan