Minute to Win It at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we got caught up on our company Olympic events. Well, last week it was a Minute to Win It competition…that was a huge success!

Do you know about “Minute to Win It?” Minute to Win It was an American prime time game show that ran on NBC from March 14, 2010 to September 7, 2011, being hosted by Guy Fieri. Contestants took part in a series of 60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house.

So we concocted our own fun version and had a blast after work last Thursday night. Here’s Lennie, playing “Candelier”:


And Casey is playing “A Bit Dicey”, stacking dice on his popcicle stick in his mouth. Yes that’s me in the background with the timer. It’s very flattering…not:


So what happens when you win an Olympic event? Well, after 12 months of events, the employee with the most wins receives a trip to New York City for a long weekend! The best part about this annual giveaway is that we have the final event and the decision announced this Friday evening at our Company Christmas Party event.

It’s going to be an amazing time, and I’ll announce the winner right here in our blog next week. I’ll also try to get a couple of action shots at the Christmas party too. You know, the incriminating kind 😉

Take care, Ryan

Another Mission Repair Olympics Event in the books.

Hello again, a quick blog as some of you are interested. . .

We have a monthly event for our employees (you may remember last months was a canoeing slalom course) and last weekend our event was a 3 mile hike though the gorgeous Overland Park Arboretum.

The kicker was that there was also a trivia game during the hike that awarded an extra “win” to the most knowledgeable employee. Or at least the luckiest one 😉

So here’s the deal: each employee got 1 “win” just for participating. Additionally, the person that answered the most trivia questions right received an additional “win”.

Lennie “Guns” Martin. Not only good looking but the winner of the trivia segment in this months event!

At the end of the year the employee with the most “wins” gets an all-expenses-paid trip to New York. Now that we’re half-way through the year, it’s starting to get exciting and Lennie is on a good roll! It’s still anyone’s competition and I’m looking forward to the dodge-ball tournament later in July! Those pics ought to be fun.

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair Employee Olympics – 3rd event!

Good afternoon again folks. Our March event is in the books! This month it was a head-to-head “stinky cheese” tasting contest where each contestant had 6 kinds of cheese to taste and make a decision as to what each was.

We rallied in the Mission Repair breakroom after hours last night and found that it’s harder to tell what kind of cheese is what even when you think you know about them. There’s one hint: “American Singles” weren’t a choice. We went to great lengths to get a good variety of truly amazing cheeses to try – and many employees had not even tried them before – so watching them pop a hunk of Gorgonzola in their mouth was kind of funny. By the way, fresh Gorganzola is truly a “stinky cheese” 😉 I love it!

So in the end, Albert came out as the big winner. Albert is one of our expert iPad Repair technicians and he’s entered to win the trip to Manhattan at the end of the year and he will also get his very one signature “Mission Repair Tshirt” designed, printed and distributed next month. Want one of his tshirts? Email him here to get on his waiting list!

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair Employee Olympics, 2nd event completed!

Hello all, I’m back again with a quick employee update. . .do you remember that I blogged about our employee Olympics that we’re having each month? Last month was rock climbing, February’s event was a checkers tournament. We closed down last night after business hours, drew the shades, turned on the disco ball and started the tourney in our breakroom.

Ok, there was no disco ball, but we did have some fun! Remember that the winner after the year-long competition is going to get an all-expense paid trip to New York City for two!

Derrick getting into the mind of his opponent.

We lined up the boards with players side-by-side until we drilled down to a single winner.

It was serious competition as it boiled down all night to the final match between Lennie and Troy. It was intense! In the end, Lennie pulled out the win as Troy let his guard down and got double jumped. Come on Troy, really a double burn? Just goes to show ya that the General Manager isn’t good at everything 😉

Lennie, February's big winner!

I judged the matches as they progressed. At one time we had 8 games playing so I was running around like a mad man making calls and ruling on some referee decisions. All-in-all, I still attest that these events are great team building events and once again we had almost the entire business participating. What’s happening next month? You’ll have to wait to find out!

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair Olympics have begun!

Well this is just a short fun post that has to do with the culture around here at Mission Repair– during our last Christmas party, I announced the first ever “Mission Repair Olympics” and we’re going to have a different employee event each month. The winner over the year will be awarded the Grand Prize at our Christmas party at the end of the year. . .and let me tell you that the competition is getting pretty good!

Our January event was “Rock Wall Climbing”, and we had a great turnout of employees. The challenge was to see who could get to the top of the beginner wall the fastest, and I went first to set the bar:

But as it turned out, Nick burned all of us by shaving several seconds off of the best time to win the January event. Here’s Nick with yes, you guessed it, a SpiderMan tshirt on. I think that this was his advantage:

In the end we had a ton of fun and got to know the guys over at Emerald City Gym. Sean and I are buddies 😉 We got to reserve the entire gym our for a couple of hours and had a blast. Additionally, I want to say how proud I am of all the employees that showed up, everyone made it to the top (even Kim!) and we had a great workout.

Next week is our 2nd event, and we’re having a “Checkers Tournament”. We have 8 giant boards and we’re going to spend a few hours to see who reigns champion in February. Thanks for spending some time with us and reading the blog today, we’re trying to have a little fun here!

Best, Ryan