Sometimes I do what I gotta do.

Hello there!

It’s been a busy month here at Mission Repair with the opening of our newest location in Colorado, that seems to have put some “extra” pressure on the team. It’s OK, I’ve just had to do a few extra items myself to help with the production, and recently I had to pull out my skills on repairing a 2014 iMac.

I got it done. No biggie, but it did take me a little bit to get the new solid state drive installed, reassembled, and booting correctly. This customer opted for an amazing Crucial 960GB solid state drive, so it was actually kind of fun installing it.

The issue came down to time…it took a while so I had to run it up to FedEx after hours to make sure it shipped on time!


As I was running it into the FedEx office since I missed our normal pickup time, Lennie snapped this wonderful picture of me as I was not expecting it. I made it in the front door just in time, FedEx delivered the computer just as I would have expected and the customer is thrilled.

The moral of the story is that it’s hard to show how far we go to service our customers. This could have be an easy “hey this is taking longer than expected, so I can finish and ship it tomorrow” situation; but as the owner I find myself wanting to make sure that each customer is treated with respect and given the best service.

We here at Mission Repair as all on the same page. While we don’t always do everything perfectly, we always try to make each situation right. Have any questions? Give us a call 913-948-6992.

Thanks, Ryan

2014 iMac Repairs- not everyone can do this…

Hello friends,

We’re here at the Mission Repair base solving customer computer problems on a daily basis.

In fact, we’ve solved the the 2014 iMac issues of firstly, being able to get inside of it. If you haven’t had the pleasure of opening one of these to work on it, then you don’t understand the issues that can arise just simply getting into the unit without damaging the casing around the unit or damaging the glass panel. Check out how thin this guy is:


Secondly – there’s the “repair piece” of the puzzle. Mission Repair can get the proper repair parts fast and get the service completed correctly.

Thirdly – reassembly time. The fact is that no job is complete until the device is opened, repaired, and then reassembled. A factory reassembly job means that the technicians must use care and the proper adhesive to get the job done right. Super glue is not in our repertoire, and having the proper adhesive kits for this machine is critical.

Need help with that iMac? Give us a call at 866-638-8402. We’ll be happy to help!

Take care, Ryan