This is a nice surprise.

Good afternoon!

I headed out to lunch today and needed to get some gas in my truck and I stopped at the Costco that is just around the corner from our Lenexa Store.  I was pleasantly surprised with this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 5.58.44 PM.png

I know that there are a lot of pictures of gas prices on Facebook and random pics floating around the Internet, but today here in Kansas City at Costco, gas is $1.329/gallon.  That’s darn near the lowest I’ve seen since I moved here in 2001!

It’s an election year, so that’s got something to do with it, right?  I’m sure the Democrats want a “thank you”.  I’d also bet the Republicans would like to take credit.  I don’t know who to thank – nor do I really care – so I’m going to just give a huge “shout out” to the gasoline gods that helped make my day by only costing me about $21 to fill up my tank this afternoon.  I don’t normally mind if gas goes up and down much; but today made a good impression.

Speaking of savings…we are extending our Presidents Day Sale through Saturday – but you’ll only know the coupon code if you get our NEWSLETTER (HINT – another one is coming to you tonight!).  Hopefully you’ve already subscribed, if not, you should do so here!

Have a good evening, Ryan


Mission Repair is closed on Saturday, July 4th!

Hi there friends,

We’ve already had a few calls about this; so I want to remind each of you that we will be CLOSED JULY 4th, 2015! Normal business hours will remain in effect Friday July 3rd and after the 4th. Since we are open on the 3rd, I want to make everyone aware that FedEx is on a modified shipping schedule and we’ve been “warned” about their changes. They are picking up early on Friday, so we will do everything that we can to get repairs done and completed and shipped back out to our customers.

july 4th

Independence Day means fireworks and BBQ’s for the Arter Family…I hope you spend some quality time with your own family as well.

The last thing I want to say is…”Happy Birthday America!”

Take care, Ryan

Winter Storm “Pax” – it can potentially affect all of us.

Hi there friends-

FedEx called ahead and picked up a little early last night from us here at Mission Repair– and it seemed a little odd because the winter weather here in Kansas City is moving out and will start warming up tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.52.27 AM

Well, it finally made sense when I realized that it was their main Memphis hub that was really the cause for concern- and when I look at the weather online I can see that if you live in the South, now is the time to prepare for another disruptive, potentially crippling winter storm. Winter Storm Pax will bring a long swath of ice and snow across the South through midweek, and the ice may accumulate enough in some areas to knock out power for thousands of people and litter roads with fallen tree limbs and downed wires. Travel will become difficult, if not impossible, in the hardest-hit areas.

As we know all to well here at Mission Repair, when a city or region shuts down, it can cause a wide spread ripple effect of slowdowns, shutdown, traffic nightmares and possibly worse.

We understand, and we sympathize. We are doing our best here at Mission Repair to get devices repaired fast and get them shipped back out- especially to our customers that live in the path of the storm. We know that having your phone back in your hand during a weather emergency might be a comfort…that along with an extra pair of gloves and a beanie hat!

In any case, if you’re in the South hang tights friends – it’ll pass soon and I promise you’ll be back to warmer weather before you know it. Stay safe…

Take care, Ryan