It’s almost time. 1 Million Blog Readers, is today the day?

I’ve been talking about it all month!

We are giving away a FREE BRAND NEW iPAD AIR to celebrate our 1 Millionth Blog visitor right here in the Mission Repair Blog! It appears that this might happen today or tomorrow, so now is the time to pay attention to the count. As of this morning:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.57.28 AM

It’s our Millionth Day Celebration, and it’s starting to happen now!

Here are the details, and you will only find out if you’re the winner right here in this blog. Here are the details:

1. This is our “Millionth Day Giveaway” prize, which consists of (1) One Apple iPad Air, 16gb, Wi-Fi, current model as per Apple’s availability, brand new sealed package, to be given out to one lucky customer.
2. We will all be watching right here in the blog. There is a “Unique Visitor” counter in the right hand column (check it out, see it there? —>). When this counter reaches 1 Million, the next order that is placed on (or places an order with one of our customer service representatives either over the phone or in person) will win!
3. There is no purchase necessary, the winner must place an order on to be eligible. Our free diagnosis options are eligible, so I’ll reiterate that no purchase is necessary!
4. Once we reach 1 Million unique visitors on the blog, the next new order placed and completed will be announced here on the blog! It may happen at 2am or 10am, it might be a Nationwide order or a walk in order at one of our locations; it doesn’t matter. The order that is placed with us immediately after we reach 1 Million unique visitors will win!
5. Orders can be placed directly on our website at, or they can be called in at 844-459-0105, or can be placed in person during normal business hours at one of our locations. There is no cash value of the prize through Mission Repair, and substitutions will not be permitted. We’re just going to give you an iPad Air…just in time for Christmas.

Watch the Blog Stats posted here to the right, “unique visitors” is the key. You’re wanting to be the person that places there order on the moment it happens! Just look to the right ———> (Assuming that you’re reading the desktop version of our blog. If you read it on a mobile device, please scroll down!)

I hope it’s you, and it’s the beginning of the “Millionth Day” celebrations here at Mission Repair.

Take care, Ryan

Web Wednesday Special Video Blog!

Hello friends-

We have an AMAZING giveaway today!! Check out this video blog for some information and then visit our recent blog post to see the details.

We will announce the winner in tomorrow’s “Trick or Treat” video blog so make sure to place your order by Midnight tonight (Wednesday October 30, 2013) and check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won today’s prize!!

Take care, Ryan


Hello M:R Nation –

Our first Facebook Giveaway went off without a hitch. We would like to thank everyone that entered and let you know that a new giveaway is coming very soon! In the mean time, enjoy our awesome blog posts and Facebook feed :-)…

Pretty in purple!

Pretty in purple!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.47.03 AM

Our winner is Grace L. and we have have sent her a brand spanking new 16GB iPod Nano in the color of her choice, which she has received today!

I understand that entering a giveaway can be scary. You never know if the information you are giving out is secure and what kind of emails will be hitting your in box after you press the “enter” button. Worse yet, you never win. But this was a REAL, pure, unadulterated giveaway for our customers and Facebook fans and we really enjoyed it! So congratulations Grace and look out people, the next giveaway is right around the corner!

Cheers, Troy

Sticky Stacks Syrup. FREE from Mission Repair!!

Well hello there everyone, we are knocking the blogs out today. This afternoon, I had a nice surprise when the owner of Sticky Stacks (located here in Kansas City) stopped by with some treats. He read my blog about pancake syrups and that I loved his product, the Sticky Stacks Peanut Butter Syrup that you might remember from a few weeks ago.

Now I have 3 cases of syrups on my desk- of course the Peanut Butter Syrup that I raved about 😉 But also “S’more” and “Coffee Caramel Macchiato”. The Coffee syrup has The Roasterie Coffee in the bottle, I can’t wait to give it a try!

How would you feel about having a bottle of the “S’more” syrup out at the campsite with your Coleman grill and a campfire crackling in the background? Sounds pretty good to me!!

So now that I’ve met and gotten to know the owner Shawn Larson, and I have a huge supply of syrup on my desk, why not give away a few bottles to a few thrilled customers at Mission Repair? All you need to do is use a special coupon when you checkout. I’m only going to give away 10 bottles of syrup, so first come first served. And I’m going to pick between the 3 types so you’ll get what our shipping department gives ya…but heck it’s a FREE ITEM, just make sure to spread the word!!

So if you want to get yourself a FREE bottle of Sticky Stacks flavored syrup…add coupon code “YUMMY” to our next order. Remember that this coupon will only work for 10 people, so take advantage while you can!!

What does syrup and iPhone repair have in common? Not much. It’s more me helping out a new business owner get some steam behind his product. He was kind enough to bring me some presents, so I’m going to repay the favor and help his get some exposure, by giving away 10 bottles for him!!

Ok, that’s it, now I’m hungry for some waffles for some reason 😉

Take care, Ryan