Just something for fun…

Hello friends-

Melanie in our graphics department has been working on some fun posters for our customer waiting room…click on it for a close up view. Need I say more?

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.37.15 PM

We have a whole line of movie parody posters being installed. Stay tuned and I’ll post more of them soon!


The company picnic was a great time. We have some leftover pulled pork if you’re interested ;-)

Hello everyone, it’s been a heck of a Monday here at Mission Repair.

We had our company picnic this weekend and it was a blast. Most of our employees showed up for a fantastic catered BBQ dinner and coolers full of liquid refreshments. In addition, we held 7 events to keep the energy up. A fun one to watch was the “Tug O’ War” competition. We elected 2 team captains who then picked their teams from the willing employees and away they went. Yes that’s me with the whistle refereeing the “Tug”:

One of the other events was an individual hula hoop competition. Here’s Jake with a sampling of his skills. Yes, he’s going to come and ask me to remove this video from the Internet, but I’m not going to 😉

Overall it was an amazing day and we had a huge turnout of almost 50 people. The weather was perfect and it’s always a great time when you can get out of the office and get to know your fellow co-workers on a personal level. I know that I have personally grown from this experience; and maybe I learned just a little too much 😉

OK back to business, it’s 5:26pm and I still have a few hours of work left to accomplish. It’s crunch time and I have to get to work. Even though when I look at these video it feels like I’m back at the lake!

Take care, Ryan

Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe.

Hello folks, the title of this blog quoted from Henry David Thoreau – provokes the idea that canoeing in our business park to be possible.

We had a tremendous downpour this month..so much that it swelled our creeks, rivers and all of our surrounding farmland as well. So much so, that when it stopped raining, the runoff filled the drainage culvert next to our headquarters for several days. You could actually hear the water running down the side of our building and was a bit distracting because of it’s new and unfamiliar sound. There must be something done about this!!

Troy the gondolier.  Or is he a canoier?

Troy the gondolier. Or is he a “canoier”?

It was obvious that we needed a break from the typical workday to see what kind of fun we could have with our new found “river”. Just looking at this picture seems like it spelled disaster, but it was actually a success and Troy didn’t even get his loafers wet…much.

What does this have to do with business at Mission Repair? Well nothing per se, other than confirming that even “professional” grown men “dumb down” once in a while to have a little fun. I admit it, I was there; but no one got hurt and we didn’t need to call in the Coast Guard. All is well.

Back to work here today – we are on track for a record number of orders today. My sales staff is really rocking the house and we are pumping out the repairs on the production line. We’ll be back soon with more great info with a “splash” of silly fun from Troy.

Take care, Ryan