My First Time :-) (Blogging)

Hi everyone it’s me Annie –aka- Anna Mary, Ann, Anna Belle

Ryan really had me in tears with his blog on August 21st– he’s so sweet and sentimental 🙂

Okay I’m going to wipe my tears away and this time I’m writing the Blog. And guess what – this is my first time blogging. (Readers beware)

First of all I want to let everyone know that I just completed my first month here at Mission Repair. And I am having a ball – I’m meeting new people, enjoying conversations with our walk-in customers but most of all I really appreciate the talent that is in this office. Our techs are fabulous and Ryan and Kyle are two of the best managers that I have worked for. (Hey I’m not brown nosing just being honest)

So because I think we are the latest and greatest thing that ever happened to the Mac and iPod world I would like to offer a thank you to my bosses Ryan and Kyle- So for the month of September anyone who calls in and says “Thank You” will be rewarded with a coupon code worth 5% off their order.  Just give me a call toll-free at 1-866-638-8402!

Thanks Everyone!


We have a new addition to our Mission Repair Staff!

Good afternoon-

This is just a quick blog entry to let you all know that we’ve got a new employee that has started with us, and her name is Ann. . .we also call her Anna, Annie, Anna Mary, Anna Belle – well, you get the idea.

She’s a customer service specialist (as we all are) and she fights to answer the phone first around the office. Chances are, if you call in she’ll get you in one ring or less. So far, she’s been SPECTACULAR! Send her an email, say “hi” and tell her that I sent you!

If you call in and get Annie on the phone, ask her to give you the July coupon code for 5% off your order. Yup, it’s down in my blog list as well, but all you need to do is give her a call and ask! 1-866-638-8402.

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan