Thanksgiving recapulation.

Good morning!

Wow, we are still breathing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were both off the charts busy here at Mission Repair. In fact, I heard on the news that this 2014 Black Friday was down in revenue by 13% nationwide. We’ve been in business going on 7 years now, and each Black Friday has been a madhouse, and this one was a 51% increase over Black Friday 2013. Thank you to all of our new customers!

So Black Friday came on the tail of Thanksgiving, which was a bit “nontraditional” at the Arter house this year. I didn’t make a Turkey until Friday evening…we spent Thanksgiving Day down at the Plaza in Kansas City for the big “lighting” of the downtown area which was followed by a street party. Yes, it was fun but truthfully I missed having a home cooked meal ON Thanksgiving. So we moved it to Friday 😉

Here’s a shot of my turkey breasts after I carved them off of the turkey. By the way, this is the PROPER way to carve a turkey, let me know if you want to learn more about my techniques!


I plated each breast separately, because one side I injected with some spices that I picked up while I was in Grenada this year, here’s a closeup:


Yes, it was yummy! To top it all off, Thanksgiving is not complete until Grandma Arter makes her world famous pecan tarts.


They are gone now, but with the power of the internet and with the amazing ability to store pictures online forever, I can always visit my blog if I ever need a “fix”. Here’s to the holiday season that is upon us, I hope you stay safe and happy.

I’ll be here at the office for a while, thanks for stopping by!

Take care, Ryan

Black Friday in July!

Hello again friends,

I’ve heard a little rumor going around about a lot of retailers are talking about Black Friday in July- and it’s coming up this Friday the 25th!

Click this image to signup for our newsletter that will post some amazing deals later this week!

Click this image to signup for our newsletter that will post some amazing deals later this week!

What is Black Friday?

The day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This also typically starts the holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with blockbuster sales and specials and early bird specials to attract consumers to their stores. People can stand in line hours before store is opened just to grab the bargain of the year. Almost every store has something that interests every one. For bargain hunters black Friday might be their biggest festival of the year.

So why is there a Black Friday in July? I think it was developed by retailers to give the bargain minded consumer another chance to get a great deal half-way through the year instead of waiting for the turkey to wear off. So we’re joining in!

Yes, Mission Repair will have some amazing never-before-seen-so-low specials this Friday 7/25/14. However we will only share them via our newsletter so you need to sign up now to get the savings!

Stay tuned – our first Black Friday in July is coming this week!

Take care, Ryan

This Week @ Mission Repair…But first!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have a great week of events coming up this week, but before I start talking about the ongoings here at Mission Repair, I wanted to share a great experience that I had over the weekend.

As we have mentioned in the past, Mission Repair has been partnering with the Kansas City Chiefs on a few projects and with this partnership, came a few perks that we enjoyed this past Sunday! We attended a great game that matched KC up with the San Diego Chargers. We enjoyed some great food, drinks and company.

About 15 min into the game, we were allowed to go ALL the way up to the press box where we had the honor to watch and listen first hand to the voice of the Chiefs, Mitch Holthus and Len Dawson! It was a very cool experience and I was able to take a video at the perfect moment. Check it out:

While the game didn’t end with a KC victory, this is a memory that will last forever.

With that out of the way, lets talk about this week! We have a action packed week here at Mission:Repair that was highlighted in our most recent Mission:Repair newsletter! If you missed it, check out all of the action here:

As you can see, through this holiday week, there will be plenty of opportunity so save some money on your much needed repair service! So give us a call, come on in or visit today!

Cheers, Troy

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