It’s Just A Little Bit Of Snow…Gulp!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s seems like a winter storm in February is the new norm. Last year we experienced 2 storms that netted 12″ of accumulation each and today, we are in the middle of a storm that will net about 10″. while we are used to this kind of weather here in Kansas City, it sometimes makes things very difficult to manage…like driving for example!


Just the beginning!

Despite this minor setback, Mission:Repair IS open today for our regular business hours to serve the brave Kansas City walk-ins and everyone across the nation that is experiencing weather that we can only dream of at the moment! So give us a call if you want to take advantage of our newest iPad 2 “Deal Of The Month” or need any other service that Mission Repair offers!

Cheers, Troy

Snowmageddon part 2, but we are open!

Hello everyone, it’s been an incredible 7 days with our winter’s worth of snow packing into 2 large storms.

Last week, winter storm “Q” really unleashed a pile of snow on the Kansas City and Midwest area that crippled us for a day. Then last night, winter storm “Rocky” was predicted to drop another 15″ of snow, but frankly, it was a huge letdown in that case. In fact, we are open today and rolling out repairs so our customers can get back in business as soon as possible! In fact, we’ve already received walk-in customers today, so it’s been a busy morning at Mission Repair so far!

However, Fedex has warned us that we will not have a normal pickup that afternoon, but we can still drop off packages to the station. . .which we will do. Risky you might ask? Not when I’m going to drive the Mission Repair M35a2 full of packages to the FedEx hub!

With a license plate "NVRSTUK" we will make it to drop off those packages!

With a license plate “NVRSTUK” we will make it to drop off those packages!

OK, so taking the Deuce out was for just a little bit of fun 😉

We are unleashing our own storm here at Mission Repair and adding a ton of new services as we speak. We will back at the blogging here today, and watch the presswire for other announcements. Stay tuned, and stay warm!

Take care, Ryan