And the winner is…

Good afternoon and WOWSERS…

We had a lot of chili at the office for lunch! If you read Melanie’s earlier blog, you know that today was our annual Mission Repair chili cookoff competition, and I tasted everyone’s offerings. In fact, we have a 1st place prize for “best overall chili” and 1st place prize for “best side dish”.


You’ll see here Melanie (on the left) and Katie (on the right) handing out bowls of chili to the judges that were just around the corner. We bring in a few gentlemen from neighboring businesses to help judge – they aren’t biased and they love this event year after year!

This picture is a perfect one; not just because these two lovely ladies are in it; but rather they each won first prize this year. Katie for best chili and Melanie for best side dish. Nice work!

It’s interesting because it seems to typically be one of our female contestants that wins every year. Yes, there is plenty of “male” participation but we just don’t have much finesse. We think that “burn the roof off of your mouth” or “I’m gonna have a stomach ache in 30 minutes” is the kind of chili that will win the judges hearts. Nope, we just never learn.

Katie’s chili was a hearty red chili with the right amount of spices and she topped each bowl off with shredded cheese, Frito corn chips and a dollop of sour cream. Remember, presentation goes a long way. Melanie simply smashed the side dish with a rice crispy treat cupcake topped with peanut butter and chocolate icing. Yup, that’ll do it every time.

Until next year, thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon!

Take care, Ryan

P.S. Do you think these ladies are Royals fans or what?