Price cuts again. Unibody MacBook Glass Replacements are only $99. We just can’t stop.

Good morning everyone, we just received some great news for our glass vendor, and he has lowered our pricing on our glass panels – this is good news for you – and means that we are lowering our prices on the glass replacement services. . .

You might be asking, there’s glass on the front of a MacBook? The answer is “yes”. The newer MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops (called the Unibody Mac) have a thin glass panel that covers the LCD. The LCD resides behind the protective glass and from our experience we see a lot of broken glass from drops, bumps, and inadvertent “bending” of the top of the laptop. The LCD will typically remain in tact but the glass is thin and, well, glass. As you can imagine, thin glass cracks and breaks easily!

So we’ve been in the glass replacement business for many years. It’s a common occurance and if it should happen to you don’t worry, Mission Repair is here to help and by lowering our prices we effectively extend the life of your computer and make things easier in a time of need.

Want to shop MacBook Unibody glass repairs? Click the link to get started!

It’s a great day. . .Ryan

The unbreakable MacBook Unibody Glass! Only at Mission Repair.

OK, “unbreakable” may be stretching it, but take a look for yourself:

Our Unibody MacBook Glass is the highest quality available – don’t be fooled as there are many different “copycats” out there looking to get into the MacBook Unibody Glass Repair market. We got to thinking- should we show one of the weaknesses of the “other” glass that’s out there? I thought we should. Is our latest YouTube Video technically perfect? Nope. But it was fun. And we got to destroy something! Check it out and decide for yourself…and the next time you need a MacBook Unibody Glass Repair think of Mission Repair first!

I’m heading to lunch. . .see ya later. Ryan

13″ MacBook Unibody Cracked Glass Repairs now at Mission Repair!

Hello all, happy Monday!

It’s official, we’ve received our stock on 13″ MacBook Glass Panels and we are now taking orders! The price has been officially announced at $199 for parts and labor installed. This service will replace that cracked glass on your new 13-inch MacBook Unibody computer!

We can replace that cracked glass and save you hundreds of dollars!

We can replace that cracked glass and save you hundreds of dollars!

Check out our newest service, it’s the first of it’s kind! The 13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Replacement Service is now live and we’re ready to take care of your unit!

OK, busy day today, I need to keep this blog short and sweet. I’ll be back soon with more Operation:Education info!

Thanks, Ryan

MacBook Unibody Cracked Glass Repairs, in stock!

Hello all- We received our shipment of 13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Panels from our manufacturing facility and they look great! We have the adhesive strips pre-installed and the panels are perfect quality. This newest repair will be for anyone that has cracked the outer glass on their 13″ MacBook Unibody (Not MacBook Pro Unibody quite yet!) and the screen under the glass is still in tact. Here’s a couple pics of our glass panels:

New MacBook Unibody Glass in stock!

New MacBook Unibody Glass in stock!

Brand new and factory-fresh!

Brand new and factory-fresh!

We are going to launch the program “officially” very soon, but you read it here first. We are going to be able to replace the cracked glass at a significantly reduced rate over replacing the entire upper housing, which is going to save you HUNDREDS of dollars on this repair.

Stay tuned and watch the news for the official announcement!

Take care, Ryan