Breaking News: Pizza saved a man’s life.

It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. Here’s how the story goes but let me set it up for you:

The “man”, Phil Esau, one of our resident iPhone Repair Experts, normally goes home for lunch as he lives very close to the office. Typically, just like every other Friday of the month, he would have left at about 11am to take his hour break to munch on some home made goodness. However last Friday was a little different. . .

We organized a company luncheon and I brought in a bunch of pizzas from our local delivery company.

So as the story progresses, it just so happened that Phil decided to stay at Mission Repair to eat pizza with the rest of the group. Concurrently, our local natural gas company, Atmos Energy, was making their rounds through Phil’s neighborhood and when they approached his house, they noticed a faint gas smell in the vicinity.

Upon further investigation and exploration the Atmos employee decides that there is some sort of major gas leak coming from Phil’s house! This is just crazy, and since there is no one home the only choice they have is to call the fire department to forcibly enter Phil’s house. Which they did.

The Olathe Fire Department smashed his front door in. During lunch, Phil received a call and rushed home to asses the damage.

There was in fact a leaking valve in the house. It had filled his house with gas, and had Phil made his way home for lunch at his usual 11am time slot, he would have entered like normal, flipped on a light switch, and the rest would be history.

It shall be known, that Phil “the luckiest man alive” was saved by pizza. It’s just the facts 😉

OK, let me come down from the drama. This actually happened to Phil and he’s in the process of getting a new front door. He DOES feel lucky, and it was fortuitous that the gas man was walking by at the same time the leak started, and also that Phil did not come home at his normal lunch time. Phil, we’re glad to have you and your house intact!

In honor of Phil’s destiny unfolding before his eyes, we’re issuing a 15% off coupon to memorialize his big day. That’s right, 15% off any order between now and 3/15/10. Just enter coupon code “DESTINY” and it’ll remove that 15% off immediately. Just remember that this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon!

Take care, Ryan