So you dropped your MacBook. It’s OK, watch Mission Repair make it better.

So I just talked to a customer that that was embarrassed and disappointed that her MacBook broke – and she told me the entire story about how her room mate knocked the clothes hamper into the computer that was sitting on the coffee table, that subsequently hit the floor and cracked the screen. She went on to say that she’s a college student and didn’t want to tell her parents that it happened.

After calling Apple and her local Apple Service Provider – both quoted her $750 to replace the screen for her.

Once I got on the phone with her, I reassured her that we’ll get it done, done faster than anyone else, use the same parts that Apple uses, and get it done for a LOT LESS. I even felt compelled to give her a 10% discount because her story was a sad one. . .not even her fault. I also promised that I wouldn’t tell her parents πŸ˜‰

So we repair MacBook Cracked Screens for $189 (that’s the newer, White Polycarbonate MacBook with the rubberized bottom) or the older style Black or White MacBook Screen Repairs are only $174.

Those are INSTALLED PRICES. With a 1 YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturer defects. And with our GOT REPAIR benefits that last forever which means that if you ever crack or break that same screen again, Mission Repair will repair it again under those same benefits that cost you NOTHING up front.

With all of the benefits, Mission Repair is truly the Intelligent Choice. But don’t take my word for it, give us a call and talk to one of our customer service reps – we’re here for you 866-638-8402.

See ya, Ryan

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Reliable MacBook Screen Repair at Mission Repair!

Hello all – we’ve been so busy working on our iPhone promotions and iPhone Protect Meβ„’ Plans, I don’t get a chance to talk much about our full line of Apple MacBook repairs. We’ve pioneered a way for end users to receive high-quality MacBook, MacBook Pro and even Unibody MacBook Repairs from any location in the US at unbeatable prices.

For example- if you take your trusty Black or White 13″ MacBook to an Apple Store or an Apple Service Provider (which charges Apple’s repair rates) you’ll find that the screen replacement will cost you about $700.

MacBook Screen Replacement

No, this is not a hybrid Zebra MacBook!

Not here at Mission Repair. In the same example, we only charge $189. Yes, we use the SAME make and model replacement screen that Apple and Apple Service Providers use. However, we also install it within 24 hours upon receipt and it is installed by an Apple Certified Technician. How do we have such a remarkable price? Our business is setup and designed for service. We are not in the market to sell you a replacement computer. We are in the business to keep your computer alive!

So next time you need an Apple Laptop Repair, give us a call first. I promise you’ll be thrilled!

To wrap up this blog post, I’m offering $20 off our phenomenally low 13″ Black or White MacBook Screen Repair to bring the total price down to $169 for the glossy version or $189 for the matte version, installed with a 1 year warranty. Yeah, you like it, it’s OK to admit it πŸ˜‰ Just use coupon code “macbooklcd” when checking out online or when you call in to get this fantastic deal! This coupon expires on June 15th, 2010.

Thanks again for all of our loyal readers, you make the world go ’round.