Have you cracked that glass on your new MacBook? $99 – DONE.

Hello all, I just performed a quick interview from a news outlet in Austin, Texas. They want to run some press on our MacBook Glass Repair, and we talked about our service in detail. Firstly, let me explain that we take these units in from all over the country and we’re not limited the to the Austin market!

$99 and you'll be back in business.

We have a flat rate – $99 installed for a new glass panel on ANY SIZE MacBook Unibody Computer. That would be the 13″, 15″ or the 17″ models. These new versions of the Apple MacBook have a thin layer of glass that protects the LCD screen and as many of our customers are finding out that the glass can crack, break and make that amazing computer kind of worthless. A quick query from the manufacturer and you’ll find that a price that you’re not going to want to pay!

13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
15″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
17″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair

At Mission Repair we have perfected this service and we’re happy to bring our customers one low price for these repairs. 24 hour turnaround and our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits are also included. This means that after we repair it if you ever break it again – we will repair it again – under our GOT REPAIR program. No other business in the market is bold enough to offer this!

So when the need arises (be careful with that glass!) just give us a call toll-free and we’ll be happy to get your unit back in to working order and looking new again. 866-638-8402.