Happy October.

Good morning, I can’t really believe that I haven’t said it yet, but Happy October!

Wait a second, it’s already October 16th? I’m losing time somewhere. Somehow. Lately I’m been doing a lot of work with my technicians, it’s bringing me back to my roots. Speaking of my roots, can anyone tell me what this is?


If you guessed an “Auto-Inject Floppy Disk Drive”, then you really know your vintage computer parts! This was one of my first projects in the business back in 1994; testing these drives for functionality. It was then that my father purchased a floppy disk drive repair business (consisted of a single employee and a few pieces of test equipment) and off we went into the floppy disk drive repair business for ourselves to compliment our monitor repairs and other component level services. The floppy drive repair business was so good that were were performing hundreds per week…but like all technology, things are bound to change! Needless to say, our floppy disk drive business is no longer around; but it was the precursor to what Mission Repair is today.

While I’m still the master at repairing old floppy disk drives, that doesn’t pay the bills. At Mission Repair we are doing everything we can to stay on top of the technological curve and adapt to new products when we can. If there’s something that you’d like to see us repair, give us a call! This means that I won’t get my hands dirty – this week I soldered on a blown capacitor on a older PCB for a customer that has been coming to us for years…he just likes the way I solder 😉

Check us out, we’re here for you. Have a great day, and oh yes, Happy October.

Take care, Ryan