Macbook Pro swollen battery – it’s not a myth!

Hello again and good morning!

We received a walk-in customer that delivered this computer to us:



The customer’s computer was bulging and you can see the trackpad popping up off of the palmrest. What caused this catastrophe? It was a BAD BATTERY that shorted out, “bulged” and basically bent this computer out of shape.

Unfortunately, there were a few parts that we needed to replace on this unit to get it back to normal working shape; but it’s not a problem for Mission Repair.

The question is “how could have the customer avoided this?”. That’s a tough one to answer; because there isn’t much that could be done. These things can just happen from time to time. I know that’s not a great answer; but it’s the nature of batteries unfortunately. The only advice that I can give is to periodically replace the battery in your computer on a routine basis – before a disaster happens.

If you do have a “meltdown”, give us a call!

Thanks, Ryan