Deal Of The Week!

Greetings M:R Nation –

We have a great Deal Of The Week lined up thats valid through 8/3/12. Am I the only one shocked that it’s already almost August? How time flies when you love what you do :)… Anyway, we already have a ridiculously low price on our 11″ and 13″ Glossy Macbook Air screen replacement service. I want to make it a little more ridiculous!

You could say “ridiculous” is a relative term, but I think we all could relate to a $40.00 savings! Thats right, I’m knocking the price down on both the 11″ and 13″ Glossy Macbook Air Screen Repairs!

You can get this great deal starting this very second and like I said above, it ends 8/3/12 which is next Friday. Get your order in quick, because both you and I know how fast next Friday will be here.

Cheers, Troy

A little snow and 5% off!

Hello everyone, it’s a winter wonderland out here in Kansas City. I pulled into the office and just had to run outside to take a quick picture of our parking lot that’s quickly being overcome by snow. Ah, the joys of seasons. Frankly, It’s a tough argument to say that you LOVE snow when it’s 10 degrees out and blizzarding. Send me back to Maui on these days!

Winter Wonderland at Mission Repair!

Winter Wonderland at Mission Repair!

So, in the spirit of the season, we’re offering 5% off your entire order (even on sale items like the 13″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair or 15″ MacBook Pro Screen Repair) between now and the end of the year. The coupon code is “SEASONS”. Just use this coupon code when placing your order online or when you call your order in to get 5% off! Remember that the coupon expires on Midnight December 31st, just as the ball drops.

Take care, stay warm, I’m going to go shovel off the entry. Ryan

Cyber Monday at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone, OK, we’re back in the saddle here at Mission Repair. If you’re looking for a great Special to have your iPhone 3G Glass Repaired, your MacBook LCD Screen Repaired, or your iPod Battery Replaced, look no further.

I moved our “Black Friday Special” to a Cyber Monday 10% off coupon code! Cyber Monday kicks off the online retailers (like Mission Repair) busy holiday season. We’re ramped up, staffed up, and busy answering the phones on what looks to be a HUGE holiday season for us. We are committed to serving your repair and service needs moving into 2009 and beyond. I’m back to business, but remember that you can take 10% off your entire order total today through Midnight! It WILL expire at Midnight tonight, so don’t delay!

Use COUPON CODE “SHOPPING” when you checkout online for your Cyber Monday discount. See ya, Ryan

Dave became an Apple Certitifed Macintosh Techncian Today!

Hello all out there, hope you had a great weekend!

Dave, one of our master MacBook LCD Repair Technicians just got his Apple Certification today. . .this is great news for us here at Mission Repair and for all of our customers that send their units in for service. Not that Dave actually needed the “official” title of ACMT as he has been working with Macs for many years!

Dave is an awesome guy and now he has the ACMT status to prove it. Send him an email to congratulate him here! Take care, back to our SUPER BUSY Monday here at the office! We’re rockin. . .

Talk to you later, Ryan

First snow fall in Kansas City!

Hello all-

Well, I called it earlier in the month. We had snowfall this weekend! 2 of my kids, (Jordyn and Casey) and I were leaving Gambino’s Pizza Saturday (we shared a large double pepperoni pie) and we walked out to a nice little snow flurry. Well, it didn’t amount to much but it was snow nevertheless.

This sparked a great idea for me. Since it was the first snow of the year, I told them that we needed to go on a hike and I thought of the Overland Park Arboretum. This place has miles of trails and beautiful scenery. I suggested that we “take a hike” and their jaws dropped!

Jordyn (17) basically told me to “take a hike”. Casey (11) just gave me that look and said “DAD!”.

I wasn’t having anything of it. I took them both home (they were pleading with me the entire time) and I made them dress in some warm clothes. I was bound and determined to have them do this with me!

We made it to the Arboretum and it was awesome. We ended up hiking about 4 miles through the woods and over streams and through their waterfall garden. We had meaningful discussions about nature and cars and wrestling. It took us about an hour and after we were done they thanked me for taking them. I knew that it would work out! We got home, started up a blazing fire and had some hot chocolate. . .I thought that it was a successful day, and I got some exercise as well.

So it’s official, we now have a new Arter tradition. Every year we’re taking a hike in the woods on the first sign of snow for the year. It’s good to get your kids out of their element which allows them to grow as people, well that’s my goal anyway!

After that, I basically laid around and watched football all day on Sunday, what a great weekend! Ok, talk to you later, we’re having a huge Monday here at Mission Repair. For those of you that ordered shipping kits for your MacBook LCD Repair or iPhone Screen 3G Repair, they will be arriving at your locations shortly!

Take care, Ryan