Macbook Pro Keyboard Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

Coffee, beer, water, hot chocolate, motor oil… you name the liquid, we have seen it spilt on a keyboard. From one customers account, who has spilled multiple liquids on multiple computers, “It all happens in slow motion… I hit the cup with my hand and SPLASH, all over my keyboard….again!”

When something like a liquid spillage occurs, the results will vary depending on said liquid. The keys will stick, become “spongy”, fall off and in most cases, stop working all together. This makes it hard to input anything into your laptop. Most people resort to a usb keyboard. There is nothing fun about going to your favorite coffee ship and taking out your sleek Macbook Pro and then whipping out a huge keyboard. It’s called a “Laptop” for a reason :-).

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I’m here to tell you that you no longer have to don a external keyboard when sipping on your latte! With the Mission Repair 13″ Macbook Pro Unibody Keyboard and Backlight Repair and 15″ Macbook Pro Unibody Keyboard and Backlight Repair services now available, you can go back to using your lap instead of the whole table to sit your computer on!

We will remove your old, sticky keyboard and wipe up any remaining residue, Install a brand new keyboard and send you on your way! You will be free from your key sticking downnnnnnnnnnnn….. Sorry, it seems like my N button has an issue .

These services are available starting today and and if you have any questions at all, please call us at 866-638-8402, we would love to talk to you!

Cheers, Troyyyyyyyy (looks like the Y button needs some help too)

New MacBook Keyboard Repair Service at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone-

Another week flew by. . .I can’t believe it. . .I need to start my Christmas shopping. . .

Well, I did get out and start, but I ended up with a new pair of running shoes and some workout gear. I guess I’m all taken care of! Here’s my Christmas list from the kids: Jordyn wants CASH (does anyone know where I can get some cash on sale??) – Tayler is still undecided (she says I dunno, maybe some jeans?) – Casey, he’s got a list of 29 items, but of course first is “A New iPhone”. Um, yeah right. I’m not giving my 6th grader an iPhone. Sorry!

So I’m kind of in a pinch. I have to get creative. I MUST spend some time on this tonight. Sheesh. Wish me luck-

Here at Mission Repair, we have a new service launched (you’re probably reading it in the online news today) about our Flat-Rate MacBook KeyBoard service. This is cool. We’ve received many units in here with liquid spills. From honey to coffee, to apple juice (get it, Apple Juice!) and these spills are causing keys to stick, keys to not work, or funky trackpad issues.


Our new service is really a palmrest/keyboard replacement service- when we get your failing unit in our shop, we’ll replace the entire palmrest/keyboard assembly. This fixes the keyboard and in many cases customers have broken or cracked palmrests so this get fixed as well. The entire process is done quickly and efficiently, and the repair comes with a 1 year warranty. Just don’t drop a cola on it again!

The new MacBook Keyboard and Palmrest Service is $189, parts and labor included.