Deal Of The Week!

Greetings M:R Nation –

We have a great Deal Of The Week lined up thats valid through 8/3/12. Am I the only one shocked that it’s already almost August? How time flies when you love what you do :)… Anyway, we already have a ridiculously low price on our 11″ and 13″ Glossy Macbook Air screen replacement service. I want to make it a little more ridiculous!

You could say “ridiculous” is a relative term, but I think we all could relate to a $40.00 savings! Thats right, I’m knocking the price down on both the 11″ and 13″ Glossy Macbook Air Screen Repairs!

You can get this great deal starting this very second and like I said above, it ends 8/3/12 which is next Friday. Get your order in quick, because both you and I know how fast next Friday will be here.

Cheers, Troy

So you dropped your MacBook. It’s OK, watch Mission Repair make it better.

So I just talked to a customer that that was embarrassed and disappointed that her MacBook broke – and she told me the entire story about how her room mate knocked the clothes hamper into the computer that was sitting on the coffee table, that subsequently hit the floor and cracked the screen. She went on to say that she’s a college student and didn’t want to tell her parents that it happened.

After calling Apple and her local Apple Service Provider – both quoted her $750 to replace the screen for her.

Once I got on the phone with her, I reassured her that we’ll get it done, done faster than anyone else, use the same parts that Apple uses, and get it done for a LOT LESS. I even felt compelled to give her a 10% discount because her story was a sad one. . .not even her fault. I also promised that I wouldn’t tell her parents 😉

So we repair MacBook Cracked Screens for $189 (that’s the newer, White Polycarbonate MacBook with the rubberized bottom) or the older style Black or White MacBook Screen Repairs are only $174.

Those are INSTALLED PRICES. With a 1 YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturer defects. And with our GOT REPAIR benefits that last forever which means that if you ever crack or break that same screen again, Mission Repair will repair it again under those same benefits that cost you NOTHING up front.

With all of the benefits, Mission Repair is truly the Intelligent Choice. But don’t take my word for it, give us a call and talk to one of our customer service reps – we’re here for you 866-638-8402.

See ya, Ryan

Oh, you want a 10% Discount Coupon Code too? No problem. Insert “GREENAPPLE” when checking out online to get that same 10% discount.

Breaking News: Pizza saved a man’s life.

It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. Here’s how the story goes but let me set it up for you:

The “man”, Phil Esau, one of our resident iPhone Repair Experts, normally goes home for lunch as he lives very close to the office. Typically, just like every other Friday of the month, he would have left at about 11am to take his hour break to munch on some home made goodness. However last Friday was a little different. . .

We organized a company luncheon and I brought in a bunch of pizzas from our local delivery company.

So as the story progresses, it just so happened that Phil decided to stay at Mission Repair to eat pizza with the rest of the group. Concurrently, our local natural gas company, Atmos Energy, was making their rounds through Phil’s neighborhood and when they approached his house, they noticed a faint gas smell in the vicinity.

Upon further investigation and exploration the Atmos employee decides that there is some sort of major gas leak coming from Phil’s house! This is just crazy, and since there is no one home the only choice they have is to call the fire department to forcibly enter Phil’s house. Which they did.

The Olathe Fire Department smashed his front door in. During lunch, Phil received a call and rushed home to asses the damage.

There was in fact a leaking valve in the house. It had filled his house with gas, and had Phil made his way home for lunch at his usual 11am time slot, he would have entered like normal, flipped on a light switch, and the rest would be history.

It shall be known, that Phil “the luckiest man alive” was saved by pizza. It’s just the facts 😉

OK, let me come down from the drama. This actually happened to Phil and he’s in the process of getting a new front door. He DOES feel lucky, and it was fortuitous that the gas man was walking by at the same time the leak started, and also that Phil did not come home at his normal lunch time. Phil, we’re glad to have you and your house intact!

In honor of Phil’s destiny unfolding before his eyes, we’re issuing a 15% off coupon to memorialize his big day. That’s right, 15% off any order between now and 3/15/10. Just enter coupon code “DESTINY” and it’ll remove that 15% off immediately. Just remember that this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon!

Take care, Ryan

$15 off MacBook LCD Screen Repairs- They are flowing at Mission Repair!

Hey there world! There’s been some talk in the industry that the 13″ Black and White MacBook LCD Screens are END OF LIFE. This means that soon – well sometime in the near future – we may no longer be able to obtain these precious screens for repairs.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your MacBook Screen Repair started, now is the time to do it. We’ll be running a $15 off special for either the stock GLOSSY SCREEN or the optional MATTE SCREEN until the end of February, 2010. Just use COUPON CODE “MACBOOK” and we’ll take $15 off that Screen Repair. Remember, if these screens become rare, the price on this repair will skyrocket. We’ve seen it happen before, trust me!

OK, I’ll talk to you again soon!


13.3″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair Price Drop!

It’s now just $199 to have your MacBook LCD Screen Repaired at Mission Repair!

An unfortunate cracked LCD Screen on a 13.3" Macbook!

An unfortunate cracked LCD Screen on a 13.3

We just received a new price drop on MacBook LCD’s so we’re passing the price drop on down to our customers.  This may be the lowest price we’ll ever see and currently the best price on the internet for this repair.  Find a better deal?  Just let us know!

We’ve got several boxes of these in stock and we’ve got to move them out.  Technicians are standing by.  The price may rise back to our normal $229 point, but for now we’re holding tight and have broken the $200 barrier!  For details about this awesome service, click here:

Mission Repair 13.3″ MacBook LCD Screen Repair Service!

$199 and no coupon necessary.  Thanks for checking in with us, talk to you soon. Ryan