Cyber Monday specials continued!

Hello friends,

I couldn’t take it, and I just can’t seem to pull down our list of 50 super-specials that we ran yesterday so they will be active until Thursday at midnight! That’s right, these prices will remain in tact until 12/4/14 at midnight, so don’t delay.


I love this time of year even though I haven’t purchased a thing yet for Christmas. I guess that I better get on that asap- since it’s just right around the corner. I know it’s the thought that counts, but if I show up empty handed on Christmas Day, my kids might have something to say about it 😉

It’s obvious that so many of our customers are repairing devices that have been broken for a while, and they are repairing them as gifts for the approaching holiday season. I’m grateful that Mission Repair can be a part of the holiday season for so many.

There’s plenty of time to have that iPhone screen repaired, or have that Mac Laptop serviced before Christmas. And right now, with over 50 services STILL at 20% off, it’s a great time to get the ball in motion!

Have a great week, Ryan

MacBook Air screen repairs – best service, price and warranty in the country!

Hello to everyone on the internet!

We just had a customer walk in to our store and say “Your price is amazing on the MacBook Air Screen Repair. Other shops are charging over $300.” They went on to explain that the other shop said that Mission Repair “uses inferior parts and we don’t know what we’re doing”.

Really? It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there but what else would you expect an inferior repair center to say? Frankly I suggest: “Mission Repair is great!”

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Here’s the deal behind our prices, specifically the MacBook Air LCD Screen repair that we are performing for $189 installed.

1. We use the same exact part that was installed by the factory when you bought your MacBook Air NEW.
2. We have Apple Certified Technicians employed at Mission Repair. Heck, I’m even Apple Certified!
3. We offer a complete 1 year warranty on the screen against manufacturer defects after it’s serviced.
4. We offer “Got Repair” benefits that COST YOU NOTHING up front when you use our service. In fact, they COST YOU NOTHING, EVER, if you never break your screen again. However if you ever break, damage, or crack that screen after we repair it, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” program which means that you’ll never pay $189 again. Forever and for as many repairs as you may need in the future.
5. We offer the most competitive repair pricing on the planet.

We hear all the time about the competition bagging on our business, and if we weren’t the most innovative, progressive, fun and trustworthy company to deal with then we’d be worried. Just watch the competition drop their prices after they read this blog post. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉

The fact is that we don’t overcharge our customers and that’s the basis behind our low prices. Additionally, we buy in such large quantity we get better pricing than other repair shops that only buy a few pieces at a time.

Need any further information? I’d be happy to talk on the phone with you. Try calling the competition and getting the Owner on the phone. In fact, I answer the phone constantly around here at Mission Repair and chances are that if you’ve called us more than once we’ve talked! Try it. 1-866-638-8402

Ok I’m heading back to work, the phones are blazing today, and I’d like to offer some customer service to those in need. . .

To all of my 340,000 unique readers, thanks for your loyal support.

Ryan Arter
President and Owner of Mission Repair