It’s Macintosh Computer Day today!

Hello there- let me give you a little bit of trivia. . .did you know that Its Macintosh Computer Day today? No seriously, it really is Macintosh Computer Day. It was on this day, 25 years ago that Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer. The Macintosh was the first successful computer to use a graphical user interface and a mouse.

I’m proud to be a Mac user and today I remind myself how much better life has been since 1999 when I threw my last PC in the trash! We run our business on Macs and it’s obvious when you walk into our office and see the Aluminum iMacs abound. All of our techs are sporting Mac Minis connected to flat panel monitors hung at their stations. Yeah, it’s very cool. Just think of the network games that can be had around here at Mission Repair 😉

Have a great day and enjoy your Mac – and if you ever have problem with your computer, just give us a call. We’ll be here to help you keep it running.

Take care, Ryan