2nd Annual Love 2 Run – Kansas City this weekend!

Hello all- I cannot believe that it’s still snowing here in Kansas City – Ol’ Punxsutawney Phil wasn’t kidding. . .we are certainly getting 6 more weeks of winter here at Mission Repair! Thanks Phil. Normally, winter is just a “normal” part of life in K.C., however spring time events are approaching and I’m not ready! The first run of the year, the “Love 2 Run” 4 mile course is this Sunday, on Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t really been running much.

I know that I have the option to walk it, but I feel that walking 4 miles is going to be tough as well 😉 The good thing is, that it’s for a good cause and the beneficiary is the Head for the Cure Foundation that raises funds to defeat brain cancer. It’s for a good cause, which I love, and maybe this “shock” to my system will get me back to the gym more often. I still feel like a Christmas turkey!

I hope to see you out there this weekend. I’ll be sporting a Mission Repair shirt so I’ll be easy to spot. Come and say hi! If you’re not participating, or if you’re somewhere else in the country, I’ll post some pics up after the race. . .just for fun.

Take care, Ryan