Summer is Here

Water Plus Technology

Happy Summer! The kids are out of school, the swimming pools are open and 4th of July celebrations are approaching; Life is good. We’re definitely feeling the summer heat here in Kansas and it’s only going to get hotter.  The season for fun in the sun is here, so please remember that water and technology just don’t mix!


Despite the rising temperatures, we know that your world suddenly freezes when you see one of your gadgets falling into the water. Sometimes, accidents happen and our devices end up going for a swim along with us. If you react quickly, you may be able to salvage your water damaged device.  Try some of these quick tips for your best chance at water-damage revival:

  • Make sure the device is powered off ASAP and don’t plug in your device to charge
  • Gently dry off the exterior with a paper towel
  • Don’t shake it, blow into it, or press any keys as this will push water further into the device. Try to leave it alone as much as possible. Don’t try to dry the phone with heat – excessive heat is damaging as well.
  • Walk in to one of our local Mission Repair stores or visit our website to get started with a FREE 24-Hour diagnosis today.  Water damage does not always mean your device is forever dead and without hope. We will take a look at getting your device back to normal so you can enjoy the rest of your summer!


Apple now including liquid submersion indicators on New MacBooks

Hello Apple fanatics-

Apple is now including Liquid Submersion Indicator sensors throughout the recently released MacBooks. These liquid indicators are to step up their fraud protection in the event of a warranty claim. Of course Apple does not offer warranties on liquid damaged units of any kind!

As you may or may not know, Apple introduced this technology in the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Video units, and the indicators change to red if they are exposed to moisture. The LSIs (Liquid Submersion Indicators) are found just under the keyboard on the new units, and liquid spills will be easily identifiable by Apple Store employees.

If this should happen to you, rest assured that Mission Repair will be able to repair your MacBook at a fair price and at lightning speed. Well, pretty fast anyway. We receive liquid damaged units in constantly and we’ve quickly become experts on liquid damaged units and getting them back into our customers hands working again. Unfortunately, these type of repairs are not covered under warranty, but we’ll make it as painless as we can for you to get you back in business! Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. Ryan