We Love “Likes”!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s no secret that Mission Repair is a huge fan of Facebook likes. We cherish each one that we receive and hope to fill up your news feeds with awesome tips and and great savings!

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Come on 10K!

We are very close to a monumental achievement (by our standards). We are 741 likes away from reaching pure awesomeness! We think we are pretty cool as is, but this will just bring us up to the next level :-)! So please, call your kids, call your wife and call your husband, cause we are trying to reach 10,000 likes up in here!

I think we will reach it this week with just a little help from our blog readers! So please, click this link: FACEBOOK and help us reach this achievement!

Cheers, Troy

Love Us? Hate Us? We Will Settle For A Like!

Hello M:R Nation-

We live in an age that was never even dreamt about until the last few years or so. Who knew websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest would one day rule the world? You see everything from star athletes, actors, churches, government officials and yes, even businesses attaching themselves to this new way of life.

We at Mission Repair are no different. We have grabbed on these new technologies and will never let go!

We have almost hit 9000 likes on Facebook and we couldn’t be more excited! That is 8,892 to be exact. We know there are pages out there with MILLIONS of likes, but hey… you have to start somewhere.


Maybe M:R Nation could give us a little bump and put us over that 9000 mark? What will this do for you? First off, we are known to give away awesome prizes on Facebook. This is something you might not see here on the trusty MR blog. Second, you can receive updates to all of our new services that we release. Third, you have a chance to stare at Ryan Arter (the owner of Mission Repair) all day long if you choose.

So, go ahead and click this link: LIKE US!, find the like button as shown above and enjoy the best decision you made all day:-) Keep checking back and look out for our status updates. I have a feeling that an iPad Mini might be given away very soon!

Cheers, Troy