Lightning in my backyard.

Hello friends,

There’s a huge storm system moving through my town and I’m working form my home office this morning with the blinds open. I witnessed the wind pick up and throw my patio furniture around, the trees were almost bent in half, and the rain has been pouring down for about an hour now.

The lightning was getting closer and closer…so I held up my iPhone and snapped this pic just a few minutes ago:


Look at the left-hand side of the pic…you can see the bolt running from the cloud to the tree line. Those trees are about 200 yards from my window.

So while I was writing this, my power went out (thank goodness I’m working from my MacBook Air!) so it took a few minutes to get it sent out and posted. All is well with my computer, it was plugged into a surge protector! It seems that the skies are opening up a bit now, and the threat of tornadoes are gone. I like that idea, which means I can get back to doing some real work rather than watching nature water the landscape 😉

All is well, I’ll add this lightning pic to my collection (I’ve taken a few shots over the years) and I’ll be back soon with some Mission Repair info as well.

Take care, Ryan