It’s official! Mission Repair and Clear-Coat are in business.

Hello everyone, we had a great meeting and visit with Eric last week, one of the Owners of Clear-Coat. What’s Clear-Coat you might ask? Click this link to learn more about this amazing product to protect your device!

Why are we so excited about this new product? Well it’s a perfect fit with our business. Our customers know the value of protecting a device. . .that’s because our customers have already gone through the pains of having to fix a cracked iPhone glass or been through the trouble of fixing a liquid damaged iPod. Now we’ve got the ultimate “add-on” in protection for that new glass (face only) or we can protect the entire body of your device, it’s your choice.

The best part? We are Authorized to resell this amazing product, and we’re installing it onto your repaired unit for you to eliminate the hassle. That’s right, your device will arrive back in your hands with the protection installed. Furthermore we’ve worked out a deal to offer amazing prices on the installed package – cheaper than you’ll be able to find anywhere else on the Internet!

The Clear-Coat LIFETIME guarantee meshes perfectly with the Mission Repair “Got Repair” lifetime guarantee. Together we bring value like no other business has done before. The fact of the matter is that we want to keep our customers happy for life. That’s what makes us special, we’ll be here for you when you need other iPad or MacBook repairs, period.

Want to know more? Give us a call at 866-638-8402!

Take care, Ryan