LG Voyager Smartphone repairs now available!

Hello friends in the repair universe!

I know that the LG Voyager was released some time ago, but we’ve received enough requests for the screen repair that we just had to add it. So without further delay, we are now repairing the LG VX10000 Voyager slide phone! I think that’s why it’s still popular, people like the “actual” keyboard that is hidden under the screen…


We’ve got the parts in stock and we’re ready for the install. It’s just a simple $49 screen repair, or you can buy LG Voyager Screen the part outright (if you’d like to to the repair yourself) for just $39.99 if you’d like to do the work at your location!

Ok then, we’ll be back soon with more goodies for everyone to share!

Take care, Ryan

New Service: LG VS910 Revolution Front Glass Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have a brand new and exciting service service to announce today! This brand on smartphone needs no introduction, so lets just jump right in. Starting today, we are now servicing the LG VS910 Revolution! We are starting out with the most wanted service which is the  LG VS910 Revolution Front Glass Screen Repair

whether you have lost your touch functionality or you have a broken front glass, this service has you covered. If you find yourself needing more than the glass or there is nothing wrong with your glass and you are not sure what the issue is, you can order our LG VS910 Revolution Free Diagnostic Service and we will get you taken care of.

Cheers, Troy!

LG eXpo GW820 Screen Repair = Success!

Ooooohhhh doggie! We just released another HOT HOT HOT repair service! Did I mention it was HOT?

We are now performing full services for the LG eXpo GW820, and today we performed an LCD screen repair (not a glass repair like usual). Once again my Webmaster has added several new part numbers including the eXpo glass repair, the eXpo LCD repair, and the eXpo diagnostic service (which is always free!).

Here’s a picture of the eXpo that we received with the cracked LCD. It looks like an “ink” blot under the screen. Its the dark spot that you notice that renders the phone basically helpless. I mean, without the screen, using your Microsoft Office programs would be tough!

See that black spot on the screen? Not good.

Once our technicians serviced the unit, the screen under the glass is back in good shape:

Now this customer can use their phone again!

The LG eXpo LCD repair is another awesome service that was added to our lineup by customer demand. I mean, we wouldn’t add it if it wasn’t needed. We’re ready and have the parts in stock to get this repair done the same day received. Who else does that? Well, Mission Repair is the best at it and we are here for you.

Best, Ryan

LG enV Touch Repair = Success!

OK, one more blog about new services offered. Well, that might be a little untrue. I think that I have one more service that you’re going to really be interested in, and it’s coming next. Let’s first talk about the LG enV Touch Smartphone. We are now offering repairs and diagnosis on these phones and this service is a perfect compliment for extensive line of cell and smartphone repairs. We receive these units daily, here’s a picture of a customer’s enV that was received with a broken screen:

And then my guys work their magic, wave a wand, chant a rhyme and “POOF” the phone looks brand new, and our customer is back in business with our LG enV Screen Rpeair for under $80!!!

Additionally these repairs come with a full one year warranty and unbeatable customer support. We just treat people as they want to be treated. Adding the enV Touch is right up our alley!!

OK, moving along and getting close to releasing some Cyber “weekend” specials.

Best, Ryan