Lawrence Apple Users Group meeting was a success!

Hello everyone, it was a late night last night as we finished up our presentation at the Lawrence Apple Users Group Meeting that we asked to attend- as usual, I can take a short story and make it long, but the folks in attendance were absolutely awesome and posed a lot of good questions for Mission Repair. I entered the meeting with a rough draft of a plan, and ended up having a repair “contest” between two of my technicians (Jake and Brandon) to see which of them could fix an iPhone cracked glass the fastest. Brandon pulled out the victory.

Yup, that's me trying to keep my cool!

They lined up on a table and got to work. . .and as they were repairing, I spoke about the iPhone, iPad and Mission Repair. I felt pretty great about the meeting and had a wonderful time. It’s really nice to reach out to the public like that. I’ve personally been in the business since 1994 working on many Apple items and I know that there has to be something I can share 😉 I still LOVE Apple’s products. I saw some old familiar faces and met many new ones. . .it was a success and I was able to add 30 or so emails to my newsletter list.

Rumor has it that some of the video from last night will be uploaded for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m looking forward to that and I’ll post it if I see it. Thanks to Dr. Dave for the invite, it was a blast.

Thanks everyone, Ryan

Come see us in action at the Lawrence Apple Users Group!

Hello everyone- mark your calendars. We will be presenting at the Lawrence Apple Users Group on July 7th at 7:00pm.

We’ll get our hands dirty as we take apart an iPhone and fix the cracked glass with one of our exclusive iPhone repair kits. As always I’m sure we’ll give away a little “something” to a lucky winner and we’ll have some fun as we go where no man has gone before! Well, we’re going to go inside the iPhone and iPad and have a look around. We’ll give you some tips and tricks of the trade as well as make new friends. Look for the guys in the Mission Repair shirts and we’ll hand you 10% off cards for saying hi!

Check out the LAUG 2.0 Page here!

See ya there, Ryan