Price Drop: Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

The Kindle Fire is what you could call an “oldie” in the tablet world. Released in November of 2011, it now has some age to it. However, don’t let this word “age” fool you! The Kindle Fire is still a seriously capable device that is still putting a lot of its new competition to shame and is still a “goodie”!

Like I have said before, you can always tell the good devices by the willingness of it’s owner to repair it… and let me tell you, people are willing to repair the Kindle Fire without hesitation. Be it the charging port, a casing part or the most common issue, A  cracked glass screen, folks from around the country are keeping these little guys up and running!


Not Good!

Today we are giving you even more reason to keep your Kindle Fire and not pay hundreds of $ on a brand new tablet. Starting this very second, we are lowering the price of our Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service by $20.00! Thats right, It is now only $89.00 to have the cracked glass on your Kindle Fire, replaces with a brand new, shard free piece of glass!

You can now regain the touch function on your Kindle that you so desire and still have enough cash left over to buy a few books. This is a deal that is just too good to pass up! The best part, these prices aren’t going anywhere. as this is now the everyday price of the  Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service and not a limited run special!

Remember, never hesitate to call with any comments, questions or concerns at 866-638-8402. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement from Ryan today!

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week!

Hello M:R Nation – 

Please accept my apologies, I quietly slipped in a new Deal Of The Week without telling anyone about it. My bad…So let me make up for the lack of communication with an in your face blurb about this weeks deal! 

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.51.59 PM


Here it is: This week, the Kindle Fire Glass repair service is now $20.00 cheaper! You will be receiving the same great customer service, quality part and professional installation as if you were paying full price. You will also be enjoying the piece of mind that you made the most thrifty decision possible by choosing Mission Repair! 

Ok, now that I finally communicated that to everyone, I am off to work on some great new Mac Laptop services that we will revealing very soon. Keep your eye out for it and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! 

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week: Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are having a great start of the week here at Mission:Repair and its only going to get better! Tomorrow is our famed pumpkin carving and costume party Witch is always a good time (Get it?) All lame puns aside, we have a very cool deal of the week to announce today. We have done this in the past and received a great response, so what better time to do it again than now?

The Kindle Fire has been a great tablet for many people over the last year and I actually have a few in my family. It is a great substitute for an expensive tablet and is a great all around device! I have this deal running until November 5th, so you have some time to get those orders in, but why wait:-) Get stated here right now!  Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service!

Cheers, Troy


Deal Of The Week: Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service

Hello M:R Nation –

We have a new Deal Of The Week starting today that we think is pretty hot (get it?). Ok, all horrible jokes aside, we received a huge supply of Kindle Fire glass screens in today and thought it the perfect candidate for our weekly special!

Not only are we stocked and ready for the onslaught of services that we’ll receive, we’re sure to generate some buzz by lowering our repair price by $20 for the next week! That’s right, the Kindle Fire Screen Repair is on special at the lowest service price to date and right now you can pocket an extra $20 by ordering!

Don’t delay, we don’t want this fire to go out. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Whew this is a smokin’ deal. Ok, I’m done.

Cheers, Troy.

Kindle Fire Repair Backorder = RELEASED!

Hello all, we had a short backorder on Kindle Fire glass screens. The truth of the matter is that we sold more than we expected!

I’ve looked into my crystal ball and have decided to order more than we need this time 😉 We have new glass panels ready to go, the backorder has been lifted, and we are shipping Repaired Kindle Fire Cracked Glass as fast as we are getting them in.

The Kindle Fire, it’s a “hot” product for us and at $109 installed backed by Mission Repair’s unbeatable service, it’s the best value on the internet.

TTYL, Ryan