iPad Mini Has Arrived!

Hello Again M:R Nation –

Well, the big day has arrived! My new iPad Mini has been delivered and I gotta tell ya, I’m in love! It fits my hand perfectly. The HD face time camera is about 1,000,000 times better than any iOS device that I have owned and the screen is out of this world!

With the size of the iPad Mini, I think I could use it just about anywhere. I envision myself using it around the office quite often, I know I will use it at home (namely as an alarm clock) and it will be perfect to take on trips and not have to lug around that bulky 11″ Macbook Air 🙂

iPad Mini Arrives!

So take it from a seasoned vet (when it comes to owing Apple products) you want to own this. If you are more of a kindle person, I can understand that, but you should just download the kindle app and go with the iPad Mini 🙂

I will use this over the weekend and give you a small update on how the first 72 hours went with it. Hopefully the next 70 are as good as the last 2!

Cheers, Troy

Kindle Fire Repairs = Coming VERY SOON!

Hello all, we’re at it hard today. Adding new parts, dropping prices, seeing the day fly by as well. . .

We have created several new services that are COMING SOON to Mission Repair! The Kindle line of repairs has been a hot seller for us, and the new Kindle Fire (which many people are getting for Christmas I might add) is a hot selling device in the market right now. There are a ton of folks that own the Kindle Fire and the iPad – and use them both daily. But watch out, someday you might need a Kindle Fire Screen Repair and Mission Repair will be here if it happens to you!

There’s something about reading books on the Kindle that people love.

When I say this will be a hot repair, I mean it. The Kindle Fire is on fire, and our customers are eager for this service to launch. Hang tight, it’s coming soon.

Thanks, Ryan