iPad Mini Has Arrived!

Hello Again M:R Nation –

Well, the big day has arrived! My new iPad Mini has been delivered and I gotta tell ya, I’m in love! It fits my hand perfectly. The HD face time camera is about 1,000,000 times better than any iOS device that I have owned and the screen is out of this world!

With the size of the iPad Mini, I think I could use it just about anywhere. I envision myself using it around the office quite often, I know I will use it at home (namely as an alarm clock) and it will be perfect to take on trips and not have to lug around that bulky 11″ Macbook Air 🙂

iPad Mini Arrives!

So take it from a seasoned vet (when it comes to owing Apple products) you want to own this. If you are more of a kindle person, I can understand that, but you should just download the kindle app and go with the iPad Mini 🙂

I will use this over the weekend and give you a small update on how the first 72 hours went with it. Hopefully the next 70 are as good as the last 2!

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week: Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are having a great start of the week here at Mission:Repair and its only going to get better! Tomorrow is our famed pumpkin carving and costume party Witch is always a good time (Get it?) All lame puns aside, we have a very cool deal of the week to announce today. We have done this in the past and received a great response, so what better time to do it again than now?

The Kindle Fire has been a great tablet for many people over the last year and I actually have a few in my family. It is a great substitute for an expensive tablet and is a great all around device! I have this deal running until November 5th, so you have some time to get those orders in, but why wait:-) Get stated here right now!  Kindle Fire Glass Screen Repair Service!

Cheers, Troy


Top Selling Products

Good Morning M:R Nation –

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Top Selling Products list and I couldn’t think of a better time to take another look at our data and give you an update. We have a couple of surprises and a few not so surprising top sellers on www.missionrepair.com.


1)  4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass/Digitizer & LCD Repair

t2) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – Black

t2) iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair. Touch Screen Repair Service.

3) Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

4) Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Glass Screen Repair.

5) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – White

6) Kindle Fire Screen Repair Service | Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Repair

As you can see, the 4th Generation iPod Touch is still hanging strong to that #1 position. We have a fierce battle brewing at the #2 position between the black iPad 2 and black iPhone 4 screen repair services! The biggest surprise however is the the strides that the Samsung Stratosphere is taking as it is making its way to the #1 position! We round out our top sellers list with a few famillier faces ending again on the Kindle Fire which is enjoying it’s time on this elite sellers list. 

Well… it’s way too nice outside today to be cooped up in this office. I might try to find a way to run some errands or set up my desk outside… wish me luck!

Cheers, Troy!

Kindle Fire Repairs = Coming VERY SOON!

Hello all, we’re at it hard today. Adding new parts, dropping prices, seeing the day fly by as well. . .

We have created several new services that are COMING SOON to Mission Repair! The Kindle line of repairs has been a hot seller for us, and the new Kindle Fire (which many people are getting for Christmas I might add) is a hot selling device in the market right now. There are a ton of folks that own the Kindle Fire and the iPad – and use them both daily. But watch out, someday you might need a Kindle Fire Screen Repair and Mission Repair will be here if it happens to you!

There’s something about reading books on the Kindle that people love.

When I say this will be a hot repair, I mean it. The Kindle Fire is on fire, and our customers are eager for this service to launch. Hang tight, it’s coming soon.

Thanks, Ryan