Monster Monday!

Hello M:R Nation –

This week, we will have some very special and very spooky deals for our blog readers! You can expect a new deal everyday until Halloween and these deals will only last for 24 hours, so you will need to act fast!

We will start off this week with something monstrous! Something so big, so huge, that we had no choice but to call today “Monster Monday”!


For today and today only, we are giving out a MASSIVE 20% discount to anyone who reads this blog post. No, you don’t need glasses, you read that correctly. This is the biggest coupon that Mission Repair has ever given out! So if you have been waiting to repair that iPhone 5, iPad 2 or Kindle Fire… the time to act is now!

Use coupon code: monster at check out and you will receive the 20% off of your entire order!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.22.37 AM

 This offer will last until 9am tomorrow morning and will be buried away forever, so act now!

Cheers, Troy

Kindle Fire Charging Port Repairs Are…On Fire!

Hello M:R Nation –


This is a picture of a Kindle Fire Charging port:

Kindle Fire Charging Port

This little fella has been the cause of a lot of heart ache for many people. Once the solder points break loose and the battery drains, it is the end of the road for this beautiful tablet. That is until recently! Last week, we announced the our brand new Kindle Fire Charging Port Replacement Service!

We open your beloved Kindle FIre, take out your old, broken micro usb port and replace it with a brand new one! But wait, we take this one step further… Once we open your Kindle and complete the repair, we take one extra step to reinforce your charging port so it is less likely for the same issue to occur again. I won’t go into detail of how we reinforce it (trade secrets my dear friends), but just know we do it for the benefit of you, our loyal customer!

Once we have the charging port replaced and reinforced, we put it through a thorough QA test and get it shipped back to its owner. It is just that easy! So if you find yourself in need of this or any other service, email us at and we will be happy to get you back on your feet again!

Cheers, Troy

New Service: Kindle Fire Charging Port Replacement Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

The Kindle Fire is a great machine. I have made this point numerous times here on the Mission:Repair Blog. The features and the price point of the Kindle Fire makes it one of the most desirable tablets on the market. With those accolades, there is one flaw with the Kindle in my opinion. The weak solder points on the charging port. We have had inquiry after inquiry about this issue and until now, we have lacked an answer for you.

Kindle Fire Charging Port Repair!

With our apologizes, please accept this newest service into the M:R family- Kindle Fire Charging Port Replacement Service. We will remove your old and broken charging port from your Kindle Fire and solder in a brand new shiny micro usb port! This will restore the ability to charge your battery, use accessories and connect to a computer.

The best part about this service is the price! For only $49.00, it just makes sense to repair. There is no longer a need to buy a completely new Kindle Fire for a simple charging port issue!

As alway, Call, email or Chat in if you have any questions on this or another service!

Cheers, Troy