Kindle Fire – “No Charge”.

Hello friends, I can’t tell you how big this service has been for us and how valuable it has been for our customers.

It’s obvious that the Kindle Fire simply has a “weak” charging port, and clearly these units start to fail after a certain amount of cable insertions into the micro USB port on the bottom of the Kindle Fire.


Please use care when charging your Kindle Fire, and most importantly, remember to be gentle with the cable end as you insert it into the port, and don’t “wiggle” the cable after it’s plugged into the machine. I personally think that we are seeing a lot of failures on these because customers may be moving their units after they are plugged in. Maybe even moving the unit by the cable? My advice would be to plug it in GENTLY; then set the unit down in a safe spot and let it charge undisturbed.

With this in mind, you still may see the dreaded “charging port” issue arise, and when it does, just give us a call at 866-638-8402 or order online here. We will fix your device for under $50 and keep the life going on your unit.

Take care, Ryan