Happy October!

Hello M:R Nation –

October is here and you can finally break out the Halloween decorations, pumpkin carving kits and take the kids to your local corn maze! The leaves are just now starting to fall and you can tell that a change in weather is coming very soon! I have not found many people that don’t like the month of October, but when I do, its usually because of all the changing that occurs. Change can be difficult to say the least and even if its a change that comes every year, it can still be hard to adapt to. So, to soften the blow of this new month, lets discuss some change that takes no getting used to!

The change I am speaking of is change in price and your fortune! You can never go wrong when the arrow button on pricing is pressed in the downwardly direction and that is exactly what we have done. Through the month of October, Mission Repair will be running multiple specials and slashing many prices! Lets start off with what we already have in place.

This is just a tiny portion of what you will see this coming month, so stay tuned and involved and you just might learn a thing or two , save some serious money and win some cool prizes along the way!

Speaking of prizes, Mission Repair has recently run a giveaway on our Facebook page and we have a winner! Look for a post coming soon announcing the winner and an announcement of our next awesome giveaway!

Cheers, Troy

Price Drop: Amazon Kindle LCD Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have been working hard on getting the Kindle 2 screen repair service down to a reasonable level and it looks like we have succeeded! Starting today, the Kindle Screen Repair Service for 6″ Kindle 2 is down a whopping $30 to only $59.00!

That’s hard to read!

Now I am no mathematician, but that seems like a bunch of somalians! This is a $15.00 savings over buying a new Kindle and the best part, YOU DONT HAVE TO TRANSFER YOUR BOOKS! Aside from the savings and ease of having your Kindle repaired with Mission Repair, you will be helping the environment. Repairing your Kindle results in 1 less device contributing to the e-waste epidemic that we have in the world today. You bought your Kindle to save some trees, now repair it and keep it from becoming worm food!

Cheers, Troy

Back In Stock: Kindle 3 LCD Screen Repairs!

Good afternoon M:R Nation –

I am taking a small break from our expansion project to share some great news about the Kindle 3. We have been out of the screens for a couple of weeks now and I couldn’t stand it! Thankfully,today we received a great big shipment and I don’t see us running out of these anytime soon. Right Jake (parts manager)?!?!

Don’t let your Kindle 3 sit useless like this one…Fix it!

While we have plenty of screens in stock, I suggest getting those order in ASAP, as there is no reason to let your Kindle 3 look like the picture above. Here is a link to get you started : Amazon Kindle 3 Screen Repair. You can also call us at 866-638-8402. Hope to see your Kindle 3 soon!

Cheers, Troy

Amazing Kindle 2 Screen Repairs a reality!

Hello all, well as your Kindle owners know, Amazon dropped the price of the unit to $149 making it a great buy in comparison to the “old price”. This in turn took it’s toll on the repair market which has all but dwindled to oblivion. Until we were able to procure a huge batch of Kindle screens at an amazing price and refuel the Kindle 2 repair market that we are thriving in today!

Mission Repair will repair your cracked Kindle Screen for only $99 installed. This means that even at Amazon’s lowest price of the millennium, there’s still a viable repair option in the event that you break your screen = Mission Repair.

What’s more, when you have your screen repaired with us, you automatically have our “Got Repair” benefits attached to your order. And if you ever break that screen again, we will repair it again under our “Got Repair” program! This is the truly amazing part about working with Mission Repair. It’s GOT REPAIR and only available with us!

OK, we’re moving along here at the office today and we are steadily keeping up with the flow of business. It’s a balancing act at which I’m getting mighty good at. . .thanks to the support team here at the Mission Repair base.

Have a great Monday, Ryan

Kindle 2 screen repair price drops!

Good morning everyone! We’re here at the Mission:Repair base and we just received some great news from our vendor. We’ve lowered our price on Kindle 2 screens to make this an attractive service that is highly needed.

The Kindle is an amazing little device. Have you ever really looked at the screen of a Kindle? We take it for granted now, but take a look at this cracked screen, removed from a Kindle (this is a demonstration of e-Ink’s display technology). Notice anything interesting? Yeah, the image is displayed even without it being installed in the unit. There’s no battery and no “photoshopping” here. This is just how it is!

Clearly this is a design feature to save on battery life. I mean, the screen really doesn’t even need a battery to work 😉

So we’ve been hunting and searching and worried about finding these screens- well we got our stock in today and we’re ready to ship parts and service the Kindle 2 as you’d expect. Let us know if you have any questions!

We have our full service Kindle 2 screen repair at a new low price and the do-it-yourself Kindle 2 screen repair – I dare you to try to find a lower price on this particular screen today. We are the best price in the country and shipping today.

Thanks, Ryan

Best, Ryan