“Clash Of Clans” Anyone?

Hello M:R Nation –

Have you ever heard of a game called “Clash Of Clans”? This game is something else. I have not only been obsessed with it since seeing a national commercial for it, I have been kicked out of a clan by my own brother and denied access to a new clan by Lennie, one of my employees here at Mission Repair. So I guess what I am saying is when it comes to this game, having blood relations nor signing someones paycheck matters. It is every person for themselves.

I have been playing the game for about a month and this is as far as I have gotten: photo

If you play this game, you can tell that i’m at a pretty intermediate level. I come nowhere close to some of my technicians and I think ever Ryan (Owner of Mission Repair) is doing better than me 🙂 I mean, can you really blame us? Even the Kansas City Royals are addicted to this game and they… well play games for a living.

So where is the relevancy here to broken stuff? Well, let me just tell you about an email I received yesterday that is the motivation behind this post.

I received an email from a VERY upset mother from California who had just witnessed her son throw his iPad Mini due to an “epic loss in an Attack”. She said “not only did he throw the iPad, he almost took out the TV in the process! Now the screen is cracked and it won’t do anything when he slides his finger on it.” While I didn’t dare tell her that I understood the frustration her son felt, I wisely identified with her and mentioned my experiences, as my son had also cracked the screen on his iPad…3 times.

In short, we were able to set her up with our iPad Mini Glass Repair Service  and at the same time, give her son a well needed break from this horribly addictive game, that feeds of the impatience of blokes such as myself. I guess thats why the makers of this game rakes in $5,000,000 a day.

Anywho, if you find yourself in the same position as this poor mother, give us a call @ 866-638-8402. We will not only repair the device that your child or husband threw, but we can also hold onto it for a few weeks to give them a much need cleansing if you’d prefer :-).

Cheers, Troy

Support Small Business!

Hello M:R Nation –

While we are a business that caters to a national market, at our very core, we are a small business. We are very proud of this fact and talk about it openly. There is nothing wrong with being a part of a small business and certainly nothing wrong with conducting business with a small business! In fact, this is what keeps our economy going.

This personal belief that I have slapped me across the face awhile back and I want to share my story (which might be a little long and has nothing to do with iPads or Smartphones):

With the growth of my family, one thing became painfully obvious. My kitchen table doesn’t grow automatically with it. After  the birth of my last child, sitting down for dinner became a chore and a competition of who could eat the fastest so we weren’t so cramped and If extended family came over, you could just forget about being hospitable. They were eating on the couch!

After a couple of months of dealing with this and not inviting anyone over for a holiday or a meal, I finally gave up and decided to go table shopping… For some reason, my first thought for a kitchen table was a big box retail chain and let me tell you, I spent many hours posted in these stores sitting on chairs and knocking on wood to check for authenticity. I am by no means a furniture snob, bit I wanted something that would last me for DECADES, not just a couple of year.

During this time, the “Shop Small” campaign that the SBA runs on a yearly basis started and this just hit me like a ton of bricks! What the heck am I doing looking in these stores for a very cheaply made/very expensive table? This is a great opportunity for me to shop small and help out my local economy! From there the search began and I did the first thing that any consumer does nowadays and searched on goggle for “Kansas City custom furniture” and a great deal of customer furniture makes appeared. Why was I so surprised? Furniture that was hand made? I thought only the amish did that. Boy was I wrong .

After much searching and research, I decided to go with the company that actually popped up first on my google search, “Unruh Furniture”. I found that this company was run by a small family and the master wood worker was no older than myself. He has a couple of local news interview that I really enjoyed watching and the examples of his work on their website is what really sold me! I placed my order on his site: www.unruhfurniture.com and below is the product I received!

Harris Kitchen Table!


While the picture isn’t great, the quality of the work and material used is 100% better than I saw in any big box store! I listened to what I preach all of the time on this blog and I received something better than I could have ever imagined.  While I am not trying to make this an advertisement for Mr. Sam Unruh, he does great work and I think he ships his work across the USA!

The biggest point I am trying to make here is this, SHOP SMALL! You are not only supporting you neighbor and pumping up your local economy, but you will most likely receive a product better than you ever imagine. because the person creating that product or service counts on the quality he or she produces to keep them in business, not a huge corporate backing. \

We at Mission Repair appreciate all of the local and national support we receive from folks just like myself and decide to shop small! We will continue to produce a great service !

Cheers, Troy

Check-In, Like Us And Save!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are enjoying a much needed rain fall today that couldn’t come at a better time. My yard is as yellow and burnt as I have ever seen it and my neighborhood is under a water restriction which means I can’t even water my lawn. Now, I know this rain won’t completely cure my issues, but it is a great start. This rain has also given us in the Kansas City area some wonderful relief from this unrelenting Great Plains heat!

Yes, you read that correctly, Mission Repair resides in the Kansas City area. We have been a part of the Kansas City community for 5 years now and we love it. We love the people, BBQ, jazz music and the Chiefs! Since we have opened our doors, we have had some of Kansas Cities finest walk through them. No, I’m not talking about local celebrities or athletes, I’m talking about regular-everyday-hard working folks. From Liberty to Spring Hill, people come from all over the Kansas City metro to use the services that we offer and we love it!

To show you how much we love it, we have created a new program that will save you some cash if you happen to come to our facilities for a repair service. Here is how it works:

Save Some Cash!

Save Some Cash!

If you find yourself at the Mission Repair facility to have your iPhone 5 repaired, to save 5% off of your entire order, all you have to do is Check-In and Like us on Facebook! Thats it.

From there, our lovely staff will use the special coupon we have created and take your 5% off right there and then. The best part of this savings is you can use it with any other coupon that you may have!This is just an additional “Thanks for coming to Mission Repair” savings that is VERY easy to obtain.

p.s – While you’re at it, enjoy a free dumb-dumb and some very random music in our lobby.

Cheers, Troy

Broken Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″?

Hello M:R Nation –

Thursday has arrived and it’s starting to get colder here in the Kansas City area. There are talks of snow this coming Monday and I for one am not ready! Granted, I think we have had it pretty good, as it is almost the second week of December and we have yet to see snow. So I have to get my dual sport riding in while I can. “If it is dry, I will ride”, thats my motto.

Moving along… Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Glass Repair Service is only $69.00? This is an unbelievably low price that many people have been taking advantage of lately. This tablet has been out for a good year now and the older these devices get, the more we see which is interesting. My theory on this comes from personal experience. The less new something becomes to me, the less I take extra precaution with it. Now, do I do this consciously? I don’t, it is just something that naturally happens and if you are anything like me (a human) you probably do the same thing.



Please, don’t take this as me saying you don’t take care of your things, this is not where I am heading with this 🙂 This is purely an observation of my own subconscious. So if you do find yourself in the same position with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ or even your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″, we have the cure for you, send it over to Mission:Repair and let us repair it for you!

We are preparing pretty exciting projects here at Mission:Repair so keep checking back for the great deals, new services and witty blog posts from yours truly!

Cheers, Troy

Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

It has been a couple weeks now since announcing the Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service and let me tell you, it is going strong! Did you know that Google is giving a free Google Nexus 7 to anyone that signs up for the new Google Fiber Services as a remote? Unfortunately for most of us, they are taking forever to roll out to new cities, so we be stuck just buying the Nexus 7’s outright 😦



Anywho, whether it’s free or not, the glass still shatters if you drop it and this is where we come in. We have had the upmost success with this repair service and it is quickly becoming one our favorites. If you have never had one of these in your hands, i’d suggest you take a trip over to Best Buy and check it out. It really is a slick little machine.

So if you are in need of a repair on your broken Google Nexus 7 tablet, click this link: Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service and get started today! If you are one of those lucky Kansas City residents with Google fiber already in place and you accidentally sat on that pretty fragile remote, come on in to our retail location, and lets us take care of you immediately!

Cheers, Troy