What a day – Jack frost is nipping at my nose.

Good evening friends,

I know that we already talked about it earlier in the day, but the weather in Kansas City was a bit troubling for us. We had a call for about 8″ of snow today and we got it.

For those of you that don’t live in snow states, this might be a strange concept for you. For those of us that live in the Midwest, it’s typically not a problem…but it does create some hassles.

Applebee's closed due to weather today?  Come on!

Applebee’s closed due to weather today? Come on!

For example, flights from KCI (Kansas City Airport) were cancelled tonight, which included the FedEx planes that are carrying all of the repairs that we shipped today. So trying as hard as we did- we got things in and out, pretested, repaired and quality controlled for shipping; devices just won’t reach their destinations tomorrow as planned.

Additionally, as the roads become slower when traveling around the city, we need to plan for a few extra minutes of driving time when we are due to arrive somewhere. I had a business meeting today, I was a little late, but we’re all in the together so these things are typically acceptable.

Applebees closed. This was the big bummer. I guess they felt it necessary to close their restaurant early to let their employees go home. I had to go the Chipotle instead for a burrito!

All in all, the weather just makes for a bit of hassle for all of us, but we need it. It can’t always be beautiful outside can it?

Well, for whatever problems the weather in our area caused for you, I hope your travels were safe and sound. I’m home now, smelling the awesome crockpot of Santa Fe Chicken with cilantro rice that Dandra has cooking.

Cilantro rice? Darn, I went to Chipotle for lunch, had a burrito bowl with cilantro rice in it. Oh well, I won’t tell Dandra that little tidbit, give her accolades for her version of the tasty rice and eat it with a smile. Thanks Old Man Winter; if it wasn’t for you I would have had a chicken strip platter for lunch 😉

Take care, Mission Repair will be open in the morning as usual and I’ll be there. Good night.


Oh, The Weather Outside Is…Now Thats More Like It!

Hello M:R Nation,

In typical Kansas City fashion, we have made a 180 degree turn to blizzard like conditions in about a days time. The snow and wind have pretty much just started and will last until about 1pm and turn into mostly sunny skies…

Can you see it pelting my office window?

Can you see it pelting my office window?



Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 6.57.16 AM


I would think say its safe to say our weather in this part of the world is a cause of major emotional issues. To go from 69 and sunny to 29 and snowy/windy is certainly depressing. Mother nature really played us this time around 😉

Well, the weather might always changing, but Mission Repair is sticking by its old stubborn ways of great customer service, awesome turn around times, new services and great prices! I wish everyone form sunny Southern California to the storm filled East Coast a safe and wonderful day!

Cheers, Troy

Oh, The Weather Outside Is…Not So Frightful?

Hello M:R Nation –

We are having some interesting weather in Kansas City during the month of January. We finally had our first snow of the winter, the have experienced well below zero temperatures (which is not at all uncommon) and today, it is sunny with the high of 69-72 degrees.

Now, I have lived in this area for most of my life and this has got me scratching my head. Kansas and Missouri are known for their extreme temperatures in either direction, but this is just crazy. I guess we will enjoy it while we can… I hear there is also snow in the forecast for this week!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.05.34 AM

I could get used to this!

We are going to have a pretty eventful week here at Mission Repair. With some new service additions and programs that we have taken on, It is going to be Superbowl Sunday before we know it. Time truly flies when you are up to your eye balls in projects to work on. Don’t worry, we won’t let these deter us from coming back here on a daily basis to talk to our favorite people, The M:R Nation!

So watch out this week for specials, discounts and new services pertaining to everything Apple, Samsung, Amazon , HTC and much more.

Cheers, Troy

HTC 7 Mozart Screen Repairs available!

Hello all, how was your long weekend? Mine was great with a quick trip to Baltimore to visit friends and getting back in time to get the chores done around the house Monday night- the weather has really given us a break here in Kansas City and is at about 75 degrees which is a pleasant change from 110!

So I’m here to announce a few new repairs – today we’re happy to bring you the HTC 7 Mozart Glass Repair that is now available in our long line of HTC cell phone repairs.

cracked screen mozart

It’s $89 installed and once the repair is complete, you can rest easy because if you ever break it again we’ll replace it again under our Got Repair benefits that last a lifetime.

I’ll be back soon with more new announcements!

Best, Ryan