Have you heard our Football radio commericals? Discount inside!

Hello friends,

September came and went – now October is here and in particular football season is in full swing. In fact, if you spent any time in front of the television yesterday watching football, you saw some fantastic games – even a game that went late into the evening!

Since we are a Kansas City based company, we’ve been running specials every week on our local 101 the Fox radio station before, during and after each Kansas City Chiefs game. In fact you can hear me issue a special each week according to the number of touchdowns the Chiefs score.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 1.38.48 PM

Yesterday they scored two touchdowns. Yes, I’ll even give the discount when they score on special teams touchdown too, so their sole offensive touchdown gets added to the total. Need that iPhone repaired? When the Chiefs score, you score!

How much of a discount to we offer? Well you’re just going to have to tune in to hear the live broadcast each week, and for those of you that don’t live in Kansas City, you can hear each broadcast live here!

Why not add to your savings when using Mission Repair? You’re probably going to watch or listen to the games anyway right? I’m just here to help.

Have a good day, Ryan

There’s a “football” feeling in the air…and on the air!

Hi everyone, it’s been a record breaking month at Mission Repair and I’ve still got a lot of work to do today; and I’m even leaving at 4:30 to see a Pro Football Preseason Game this afternoon so I’ll make this quick!

There’s a lot of talk about Football right now- everyone is drafting their fantasy teams, the major NFL cuts are happening soon and season ticket holders are polishing their tailgating equipment – all just in time for the first “real” games the first week of September!

What does this time of year bring for Mission Repair? Well we’ve got an extensive advertising campaign running on our local football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, pregame show. We’re going to be on the radio and on the television advertising to millions of viewers weekly very soon. Here’s a shot of me “trying” to read my next radio ad:


It can be tough to belt out the entire script in one take- so they guys at 102.5 FM just work their magic until I sound great. Trust me, these weren’t recorded in one take- I was in this booth for an hour yesterday just trying to get it right. It didn’t help that I had Troy, my General Manager right next to me snickering each time I said “Ryan Arter here, owner at Mission Repair, and when the KC Chiefs score, you score!” He just got a kick out of that.


I’m just talking about the some of the “behind the scenes” activity that goes around here at Mission Repair. No one told me that owning a business would be so much work…but days like this make it really rewarding in any case.

So speaking of “When Kansas City scores, you score”, I’m promoting an offer on the radio each week that provides deep discounts when the Chiefs score. The more they score, the more my customers will save. So for those of you that are outside of the Kansas City and outside of the Kansas City Radio Network, I’ll post the same offer here on the blog for you to enjoy when it runs…which is not today! You’ll have to wait until the official NFL season start, and I hope to see you at one of the games!

For those of you that know me, you know that I’m a Chiefs fan but there’s another team closer to my heart. Care to take a guess?

Have a great day, Ryan

Umm…Are You Ready For Some Football 2013 Edition

Hello M:R Nation

I have been unable to hide my excitement around the office for the last couple of days! This happens around the end of August each year. The weather becomes mild, the people of the world become a little nicer and something we in America like to call FOOTBALL, comes back to life! This is an awesome time of the year for us because we have just signed up for a huge campaign of advertising which will be focusing on the Kansas City Chiefs Pre Game show.

In fact, we have several campaigns running now, but the best part is that there are several new commercials being produced as we speak. This means that the fun is about to begin with new creative coming to a television near you!

Mission Repair Loves Football!

Mission Repair Loves Football!

Now this brings a whole new spin to our fandom. We now have a business relationship with the professional football team that we have both cheered for and rooted against for years. It should be an interesting season to say the least.

We all have our teams that we love. It might be college, pro or even a semi-pro team and I find it very interesting how high our expectations are for the teams that we are fanatics of. So for fun, lets get a poll going. The question is: How will do you expect your team to do this season? I can tell you mine right now. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will go undefeated and win the College National Championship…at some point in the next 100 years 🙂

Cheers, Troy

Training Camp Saturday!

Hello M:R Nation –

Mission Repair partners with many different people and organizations throughout the year, and one of our favorites is the Kansas City Chiefs.  On Saturday, we were invited to their training camp and received a VIP treatment! Here are a few pictures from the event!

Chiefs GM John Dorsey, Mitch Holthus and the Mission Repair gang!

Chiefs GM John Dorsey, Mitch Holthus and the Mission Repair gang!

McCluster Photo Op

Our super technician Matt and his good friend Dexter McCluster!

Jake and Matt wishing they never quit football in high school. "Do you ever wish you could go back" Says, Jake.

Jake and Matt wishing they never quit football in high school. “Do you ever wish you could just go back” Says, Jake.

It was a beautiful day and we throughly enjoyed watching what is sure to be a playoff contender, practice for a few hours! We enjoyed some great food, drinks and most of all company as you can see in the above pictures. Do you see Matt there challenging Dexter McCluster to an iPhone repair competition? Well, Dexter came back with a foot race challenge and that pretty much shut Matt down :-).

We have many cool Chiefs events planned and can’t wait for this coming season! So watch out and listen for Mission Repair at a Chiefs game near you!

Cheers, Troy

Damon Huard in the house!

Well, I’m in the middle of the day pounding away on my keyboard and in walks a customer to have his iPod repaired. After a few minutes, I over-hear Ann up front taking his order. To my surprise, it’s Damon Huard. Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs! Since we’re just south of Kansas City, it was a cool surprise to our Tuesday afternoon.

I walked out of my office to meet him and shake his hand (which is injured) but he gave a “man’s” handshake anyway. Unfortunately he’s out for the season with an injury which is one reason that the Chiefs have had some issues this year. ‘Tis the nature of the game.

We got to talking a little bit about the Chiefs (they’ve had better years for sure) but this guy was very nice and was very humble. Cool dude that was just out looking to get his 4th Gen U2 iPod Repair done. We took care of him and wished him luck. It’s just not every day you see an NFL Quarterback walk through your doors, you know? It’s kinda like he came over to my house. I feel special 😉

So in honor of Damon’s visit, we’re going to run a special now through Sunday November 9th, 2008. We’re giving you $10 off any 4th Gen iPod Battery replacement bringing the price down to $15, INSTALLED! Just use COUPON CODE “CHIEFS” to get your discount when you place your order online. Damon has assured me that he’s bringing back several other iPods for battery replacements, hopefully he’ll take advantage of this special offer as well!