Speaking Of A Knock Out

Hey M:R Nation –

I’m at the office a little late tonight catching up on some things and its time to take a quick break. While surfing ESPN, when I came across some highlights from the Manny Pacquiao/Juan Manuel Marquez fight and I have to say, I missed a good one. It was a pretty much an even fight until the 6th round and with one solid right to the face, and a left to the kidney, Pacquiao was down for the count.While I am more of a UFC fan, I can really appreciate a good rivalry and this one of the best.



Speaking Of A Knock Out, did you see our newest price on the iPad 2 Glass Repair Service? That is most definitely a price that is sure to knock out a few of our competitors :-), oh and sure, and we could charge you $10.00+ to ship it back, but why? That just makes no sense.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their Monday night, I’ll be here at the Mission:Repair headquarters working away.

Cheers, Troy