Now Hiring at Mission Repair. This is not a drill!

Hello everyone. . .we’ve stoked the coals and we’ve got this freight train of a business rolling. We are in immediate need of several new employees effective immediately.

Please be on the lookout for our first ever “Job Fair” that will provide some great insight to our business and what has brought us to this point in the last several years – but until then just click on our “Great Mission Repair Opportunities” link and apply online. Here’s what I’m looking for:

People that have a clue. Candidates will want to come to work to make a difference, want to have opportunities to advance from within and that have a vision of happiness and self-worth. Does this sound like you?

Take your time, read over the opportunities, and email us your resume. We are hiring to fill 2 departments and need to get some awesome people in here as soon as possible. If you want a chance to join our amazing team just let us know!

have a great Thursday, Ryan