Key West, Key Lime, and a Coupon!

So we headed to Key West recently with some friends and since we’re in “warm up” season around the country and you might want to start making vacation plans, I would highly recommend Key West as a fun place to visit. I had never been there before – but knew that it would prove to be a lively and warm place to hang out and sight see for a few days. The cool part is that we flew into Miami and drove into Key West over the bridges that connect the Florida keys. It was very cool!

As we moved along the route, my buddy Darrin was like a tour guide and pointed out the interesting spots along the way. “Don’t stray too far from the road”. I wondered why. “Gators will getcha”. Oh, we don’t have those in Kansas City!

Here’s a screenshot from the 1994 movie “True Lies” when the “blow up” occurred. The bridge that was blown up was an 80′ model of the 7 Mile Bridge. The old bridge (where they did the shot) was already “blown up”, when they opened the new bridge.

Here’s a picture that I took with my iPhone along the bridge to Key West, where the movie was filmed “after” the explosion:

So once again, if Key West comes up as a possible vacation destination (or if you get lucky enough to take a business meeting there!) I highly recommend the trip. Well that is if you like sun, blue water, shopping and fun. I’ll be going back.

So along with this little travel tidbit from “yours truly”, I’m also extending a coupon that is good for any iPod, iPhone, iPad or other service or part that we offer. This coupon is good now through 4/24/12. Use coupon code “KEYLIME” to receive 15% off your order. Then you can start saving for that vacation 😉

Take care, I’m dreaming of the beach. Ryan