Good Morning!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine included a a toy car, a toy car launcher and my eye ball… Ouch! I’m sure my 3 year old son didn’t mean to, but it definitely seemed calculated. Luckily my eye is feeling better today and I am ready for what Monday has to offer.

Something I have wanted to post for a long time is our Top Selling Products list. Like on most e-commerce sites, this is something you can find on various pages of , but why not make it easy for you and just post it here? Below you will see data directly from out “back end” stats numbered 1-6. They have in no way been manipulated


1)  4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass/Digitizer & LCD Repair

2 ) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – Black

3) Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Glass Screen Repair.

4) iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair. Touch Screen Repair Service.

5) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – White

6) Kindle Fire Screen Repair Service | Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Repair

As you can see, this list is mostly filled by Apple products, but our other repairs such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola services are getting up there! It looks like a Samsung repair service already found its way to up to the # 3 position. This list is always changing. There is just no way to tell whats going to break next!

I’m sure we will be seeing more of each other today, but until then –

Cheers, Troy!

Mission Repair Price Cuts!

Good morning friends, have you been trying to call into us? Well we did get to everyone, but our handsets were blazing!

Yesterday we had a record number of telephone calls come into the main lines at Mission Repair – calls from our customers looking to place new orders and get their iPhones and iPods repaired before Christmas. Tis the season!

I’m just shooting out a quick blog because we have dropped our prices on many of our services including our most popular service for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair. We’ve broken the $100 price barrier and will continue to repair these at lightning speed. It’s what we do!

So watch for price cuts. Why did we lower the price on our most popular, biggest selling repair you might ask? It’s true that I could have kept it at it’s old price, but we received a discount from our vendor because we buy in such large volumes. . .so I’m passing the savings on to you, our customer. I want to be friends for life.

OK, I’ll be back with more blogging later today. Take care, Ryan

Sale Extended – 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair!

Hello all-

I’ve gotten some “disappointment” emails from customers that weren’t able to capitalize on the AMAZING Mission Repair Coupon Code that I offered last week.

So I came up with a solution. I’m gonna just extend the coupon. That’s a novel idea!

There ya have it. The coupon code “TAHOE” has been extended though Sunday May 22, 2011. This will bring the price of the 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair down to just $94 installed! It’s our lowest price to date and it represents the best price for the money in the market. Why is that? Well we’ll also throw in our “Got Repair” benefits for free. So after you have the iPod repaired with us and if you every break or crack the screen again, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” program. Simply astounding!

Hey, I’m getting back to work! Talk to you soon.


When is a good time to get that iPod Touch 4th Gen glass repaired? How about NOW – COUPON INSIDE!

Hello all, we’ve just landed a price decrease again on our iPod Touch 4th Revision Glass assemblies. You know, these are the assemblies that are fused together from the factory. . .they are assembled with the glass, digitizer, and LCD as a complete “unit”.

However when you crack your glass we MUST replace all of these parts, and we’ll do it FAST. How does a 24 hour turn around sound? Need it done faster? We’ll get it done the same day. Just ask.

The 4th Gen iPod Touch glass repair is a snap for our technicians. Let’s take $15 off that iPod touch repair starting today through Sunday 5/15/11. Just use coupon code “tahoe” and that will give you that $15 discount immediately!

Why Tahoe? Well I’m heading to Lake Tahoe next month for a small vacation. I grew up on the West Coast and spent many a weekend in Tahoe but haven’t been back for years. . .I’m looking forward to my old stomping grounds. . .in fact I learned to snow ski at Heavenly Valley when I was 15 years old! The good old days of “no fear” and on the second day I went down the expert slope which I cannot recommend that to anyone, it was ugly. My buddy Jason Peterson can corroborate my story!

OK, no more dreaming of vacations yet. I have a couple weeks to go! For now I’ll be strapped into my boots here at the office answering these phones. Take care!


Got Repair. Let’s talk about it.

Ok, I want to firstly apologize about the busy signal that you may be getting when you call our offices in Kansas City- you know, our toll free Mission Repair 866-638-8402 number? If you’ve gotten a busy signal, that’s because our phone lines are all tied up – we’re still here, rocking the business and still ready to take care of you.

Our new answering service at Mission Repair 😉

It’s our new Got Repair program that’s causing the bottleneck. The fact is that we’ve had record-breaking orders for 2 consecutive weeks and we are working diligently and efficiently to handle the increased flow.

Let’s go over it, as we are getting call after call asking about how it works, what it means and what’s the “real deal”. Allow me to explain as this may help!

1. Let’s say you need your iPod Glass Repaired, and let’s say it’s an iPod Touch, 3rd generation. You’d order our iPod Touch Glass Repair here, and we’ll process & complete your order as you’d expect. We can pick it up from you at your location, repair it within 1 day, then overnight it back if you’d like. Not to worry, we won’t touch your music, apps, or information. We’re going to repair your iPod!

2. You’ll receive your iPod and your life will be back to normal. You’ll be taking extra-special care of your iPod because you’ve already had it repaired once so you know that it’s fragile and a cracked glass is completely plausible again.

3. One day, sometime in the future (or anytime in the future for that matter) let’s say you accidentally drop and crack your glass again. Maybe you let your 3 year old nephew listen to it for a while he and dropped it. Maybe you put it in your backpack and it cracked. Who knows, and who cares. Since you used Mission Repair for your initial repair, you’re covered for life. We’ll get your iPod back in here and repair it again under our Got Repair program benefits that cost you nothing up front.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I’ve called the phone company and we’re getting 4 more lines installed. Until then my apologies if you’re getting that busy signal. Do you know what it really means? We’re busy 😉

Thanks again friends, I’ll be back soon. Ryan